January 23, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - jammie jam parties

I love letting my little guys stay in their warm jammies until we have to go someplace.  It makes for some fun, cozy playing.  I stay in mine till I have to go someplace, too :)  See me in this picture? 

I'm the one in the middle here.

Lately Rex has been requesting jam sessions.  I get out the guitar and Baden gets to help me.  He loves holding the pick and trying to strum.

And Rex gets crazy with his harmonica.  It has to be fast music he says.  I made him a harmonica case when he asked this week.  No tutorial for that.  I figure it's not a very common need :)

I still miss music in my life (that's what I did pre-motherhood), but I'm grateful for the chance to share bits of it with my boys.  All I have to do is start a beat and they will dance with me - anytime, any place.  And man, I sure love their moves.

Thanks for reading.  Hope the last bit of your weekend is wonderful.


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