January 30, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - little things

I wish I could give all of you who commented on yesterday's post a great big hug.  I was so touched by your comments as they rolled in and they made me so happy on a day when I really needed it.  It helps me to know that we're all in this together.  Being a mom is so wonderful and challenging all at the same time.  Thanks for relating.

This week was a little tough for me, but sometimes tiny little things make everything a bit better.  I have a kind friend who came over and helped us make a snowman.  The boys love her and this cute snowman made me smile a lot this week.

I'm really excited that this little blog is getting a face lift soon.  Someone offered to do this for me and I'm so excited about it.  I worked on getting some photos this week that will be part of it.  This picture is a little sneak peak of what's to come.  More details on all of it later.

Even though I've been having a hard time with this little guy lately, I'm trying to focus on the sweet things he does sometimes.  Yesterday after Baden licked all over the window, Rex noticed it was dirty later in the day and he went and got windex and a towel and cleaned it.  I didn't even mention it or ask him.  I was so proud of him.

Did any little thing make you happy this week?

Thanks for dropping in!


The Andlers said...

those curtains behind rex make me happy!

i had a new nephew-by-friendship born last night. i can't wait to go see him after church!

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

thanks for the great pix!

Jodee said...

That snowman is the cutest! He would make me happy too!

Hope you have a fun and relaxing Sunday!

The Miller Five said...

Finishing my projects make me happy!

P.S. I'm sure you are aware, but your boys are beyond adorable!

mstalcup said...

That picture of Rex with the yellow background made me giggle. He's a cutie... love his cool outfit too.

Happy Sunday my friend!

Jo said...

In a week full of family drama with my siblings and my mom, what made me smile are my yellow tulips that I posted about today. And some snuggle-time with my daughter beneath a fresh-from-the dryer blanket. And the movie RED...brainless entertainment enjoyed with my husband (who also made me smile this week because he's so good looking!).

Your snowman is adorable, like your little men. I hope next week is wonderful for you.

Keira said...

Awww what a great little helper re-cleaning the window for you! A little thing that made me smile this week was finally using my crock pot to cook supper and realizing HOW much extra stress I put on myself by thinking supper has to be some huge ordeal every night :) Another little thing that made me smile is the gorgeous sun shine we've had coming in the windows the last couple days. Yes, it's still -40 outside, but at least there is sun!!

Erin said...

My 3 year old (who is driving me nuts) stopped having a tantrum about not being allowed to play with ALL of the trains (over 50 of them) to get his 1 year old brother a tissue...because he had a HUGE bogger on his finger and couldn't reach the tissues...then went right back to crying and screaming about trains...I literally started crying I was laughing so hard!

Trina M Curran said...

Awww...that's so cute! My little Kate likes to do that too, so I grin inside when she doesn't really know how old cleaning can get, but she is perfectly happy with an old burp cloth and a spray bottle of water. Isn't that the best?

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

Baden's orange and blue outfit made me happy. My two favorite colors. And that yellow wall behind him...it's like my own personal sunshine on a cloudy day. Now if only it was my little guy dressed in Baden's clothes life would be perfect. :)

Unknown said...

Aw, what a sweet snowman!
Something that kind of made my week a bit brighter (other than your previous post) was a friend gave my husband a book to loan me called The (new) Strong-Willed Child - Birth Through Adolescence. It's been recommended to me a few times but I've never gotten around to picking it up (too busy dealing with my strong willed child maybe? haha.) It's about shaping the will while protecting the spirit, and how 'challenging as they are to raise, strong-willed children can grow up to be men and women of strong character.' I'm looking forwards to reading it... my 3 1/2 yr old had her first real full-blown temper tantrum at a few months old and while I love her to smithereens, good grief she is a little demon sometimes! lol. It's awesome because everywhere we go I get told she is so good and so well-behaved and I'm like "really? this one? really?" LOL. Then again I do keep her on a short leash because she hits a downward spiral real fast if I cut her any slack, we're both much happier when I'm very firm with disciplining her. Which of course has to be equally balanced with love and fun activities. But holy cow is it EXHAUSTING some days! So I definitely feel you! Kids can definitely keep you on your toes!

Another thing that makes my week every week is that she goes to her grandparents in between church services every sunday. Hoo-rah! Inner peace obtained! ;) breathe deep, seek peace, eat chocolate.

F e l i c i t y said...

Oh, Cheri! I hope this next week is better for you! Those pictures are darling. I just love your little boys! :)

This week the little things that made me happy were seeing my best friends, and getting to know someone much better, and being able to call him "my friend". That friend said something very powerful yesterday. I've also been having a rough week, and what he said reminded me why we go through the things we do: "Isn't it interesting? Those things which are forced upon us, those things we despise, often become those things that we secretly treasure. . . The things we cry for having. . . and die for losing. Even those things which cause bitter pain, are so beautiful to me. Love does not come without pain; just as forgiveness does not come without fire; life does not come without imperfection; choices are never made without mistakes.
Am I alone in thinking that this makes life beautiful? Is it just me that gets euphoric when thinking of life in all of it's morose magnificence?"

"After much tribulation cometh the blessings".

The Lord is refining us, and choosing His most faithful to go forth with the cause of Zion. We can do it, with His help and guidance.

Love you, Cheri. Hang in there! :)

Felicity, at {Simple Elegance}

Brooke Douglass said...

Your post yesterday made me happy!!! I am so glad that I feel like I am making a few cyber friends out there and absolutely love coming to your blog daily. You are the reason I started my blog and I absolutely love having it, I knew there was a reason I happened across your blog!

The one huge thing that made me happy this week was my husband got a new job. This is going to be great for our family and I am so excited about it.

We had a couple that is great friends with us over last night to celebrate, that was fun and made me happy. We played CRANIUM I love that game, its sooooo funny!!!

My 6 year old son had a horribly rough week at school this past week. Friday he came home with a green and even went to purple during the day! I know that probably means nothing to you but thats great!!!!

Thank you for letting me comment on here, knowing you will read it makes it even better!!! brooke

Girl Boy Girl Inspired

The Durhams said...

A little thing that made me happy this week was two days in a row of afternoon naps for my little guy!!!

jillian said...

little things:
* I sent a little monster to my parents and he came back a gentleman. asked "please you da help me brush my teef?" and thanked me for any help I gave
*I finally attempted and made fabric flowers!!! so fun and quick. I'm all about the quick gratification lately.

Unknown said...

My 7yr participated in his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. His little brother cheered him on the whole afternoon. Then, at trophy time, 7yro placed 3rd overall and got a big trophy, he also got a smaller one for participating. When 7yro came to show off his trophies, he handed the little one to his brother to keep.
That was a great end to a horrible week for me.

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

The blessings of big brothers! You are raising your boys to be considerate and realize the need to care about others. I'm not a bit surprised big brother lended a hand!

Unknown said...

Dear Cheri,
I am also a mother of two boys (3yrs & 9 months) and I always admire what you manage to do. posts like the previews one mean a lot to me. reading this post today while my kids are both still healing (from pharyngitis - the toddler and gastroenteritis+otitis+pneumonia for the beginning kindergarden baby...) and I got back to work...
thank you for for being an inspiration both by this and with all your beautiful tutorials etc.
Il-il from Israel

The SPANGLER said...

Glad it sounds you had a much better day... your snowman looks fantastic!
While I'm here I wanted to invite you over to say hi and to enter my follower giveaway.
Hope you can stop by...and hope your day/week/year is jam packed with little moments of unexpected happiness!
The Spangler @
The Quick Unpick

Ellie Davis said...

my lil 15m/o has some trying moments recently and brings out some of my worst traits it seems at times!! However, just when I thought I was going to have to just say, "ya know, I just need to go back to work, I'm not cut out for this!" I put him down for his nap...and...he patted my back when I gave him a hug AND blew me a kiss when I put him in his crib.

That little moment put it ALL into perspective. And even on the ROUGH days I miss him like crazy at night until I get to see his sweet face the next morning!

Thanks for your awesome posts and inspiration!


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