January 16, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - little voices, the 80's are over, and Zumba

I LOVE it when little kids start to speak.  Baden is saying more and more and I have had so much fun hearing what he has to say.  We were picking out sippy cups at Target the other day and he pointed to a Buzz Lightyear one and said, "I want Buzz."  It was a bit taken back.  I didn't know he really knew who Buzz was.  He has also been requesting McDonald's.  I don't take them there that often, but I guess that Ronald clown left quite an impression.  Hmmm.  Not good.

Here he is in his sleeper.  My husband always leaves the zipper partially undone because he thinks he'll get too hot.  I think it looks like he should have some baby chest hair peeking out if it's open :)  (I always zip it back up when he walks by me.) 

We had a "Just Dance" activity at our church last week.  The dress code was "best eighties work out clothes."  I am truly thankful the eighties are over.  Who really looks good like this?  The picture isn't super clear because the flash was off, but I even did my bangs like I used to in middle school.  Yeah, baby.  I know.  It's hot.

Lastly, I've been trying to fit exercising into my life more the past few months.  This week I hit a Zumba class for the first time.  It was SO FUN!!!  I know it's not for everyone, but I had a blast.  It made the workout go by so fast because I actually enjoyed it.  The teacher is adorable and looks so good doing the moves.  It makes me feel like I look that good doing the moves, too....until I catch a glance in the mirror that is.  Let's just say I'm not Dallas Cowboy cheerleader material.

It feels so good to be getting more exercise though.  Do you have a favorite type of working out?

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous!


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