January 09, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - trying and change

Last week we took Rex indoor rock climbing.  He has a thing for climbing, so we thought he'd think this was really cool.  The place we went was huge and Rex was so sure he'd make it to the top.  I loved his willingness to try and his confidence.  (No, that's not me climbing in the picture below.  I'm merely showing you how big the place was :)

Here he is with all his gear on - ready to conquer the world.  He didn't make it to the top, but he gave a noble effort.

Meanwhile, Baden is busy trying to be Rex.  He insists on riding Rex's bike around and whenever Rex approaches Baden says, "My bike!"  He can't really even reach the pedals and frankly it looks painful when he tries to scoot around on it, but he's one stubborn little guy.  He tries so hard and I find that endearing.

I am also thankful for change.  Last week Rex entered Primary at church.  That means he's no longer in the nursery with the little ones.  He goes to a real class and learns songs and everything.  Here he is on his first big Sunday (before we wiped the yogurt off his face).

Lastly, I made a change this week.  I am Cheapy McCheaperson when it comes to my hair.  It's been looking seriously nappy the last few months as I've been growing it out.  So, I finally shelled out a little dough and made some fun changes.  Wanna see? 

I now have chunky, choppy bangs.  I can wear them down or sweep them to the side.
  I also have lots of layers.

I got it dyed a richer color and added some carmel highlights!

It was so fun to actually DO something different and spend a little time on me.

(If you are wondering, I can't tell you where I got the headband.  I made a trade with another booth when I was selling our headbands at a boutique last year.  Sorry!)

Have you tried anything new or made any changes this week?


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