January 09, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - trying and change

Last week we took Rex indoor rock climbing.  He has a thing for climbing, so we thought he'd think this was really cool.  The place we went was huge and Rex was so sure he'd make it to the top.  I loved his willingness to try and his confidence.  (No, that's not me climbing in the picture below.  I'm merely showing you how big the place was :)

Here he is with all his gear on - ready to conquer the world.  He didn't make it to the top, but he gave a noble effort.

Meanwhile, Baden is busy trying to be Rex.  He insists on riding Rex's bike around and whenever Rex approaches Baden says, "My bike!"  He can't really even reach the pedals and frankly it looks painful when he tries to scoot around on it, but he's one stubborn little guy.  He tries so hard and I find that endearing.

I am also thankful for change.  Last week Rex entered Primary at church.  That means he's no longer in the nursery with the little ones.  He goes to a real class and learns songs and everything.  Here he is on his first big Sunday (before we wiped the yogurt off his face).

Lastly, I made a change this week.  I am Cheapy McCheaperson when it comes to my hair.  It's been looking seriously nappy the last few months as I've been growing it out.  So, I finally shelled out a little dough and made some fun changes.  Wanna see? 

I now have chunky, choppy bangs.  I can wear them down or sweep them to the side.
  I also have lots of layers.

I got it dyed a richer color and added some carmel highlights!

It was so fun to actually DO something different and spend a little time on me.

(If you are wondering, I can't tell you where I got the headband.  I made a trade with another booth when I was selling our headbands at a boutique last year.  Sorry!)

Have you tried anything new or made any changes this week?


Jennifer said...

What cute photos!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your haircut!!! I'm desperately in need of a haircut and need to go more than my traditional Mother's Day cut & color!

And you little guys are so cute! Love the bowtie he's wearing! (Didn't even notice the yogurt!)

Have a great day!

Brooke Douglass said...

O I absolutely love your hair!!!! So cute!!! I think I might start growing my hair out but its a hard decision. Congrats on Rex and his new class!!! Brooke
Girl Boy Girl Inspired

Leigh Anne said...

My boys are about the same ages as your and I run into that w/ my 2nd born. He is very persistent and wants to do whatever brother is doing.....so cute! And I LOVE your new hair cut & color. Very stylish & cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Kris @ everywhereorange.com said...

Your hair looks great!!! I have an appointment for a hair cut this week. My hair is all one length except for side bangs and goes almost all the way down my back and i am toying with donating 8 inches of it. That would make it shoulder length. I donated once before and I hated my hair short. so i am thinking of getting a few inches off with long layers. your color looks great too!! i haven't taken that plunge yet, i am waiting for more white hair to make an appearance LOL!!

Taylor Swim said...

I love the hair. I'm glad you finally took a little me time. Congrats to Rex on his new big boy class. He's going to love it! Rugs made the jump to senior primary and I nearly barfed. It's too much for me.

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Ooh I love the bangs! So cute.

#3 is going to primary today for the first time too-- fingers and toes crossed it goes okay. :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks awesome!!!

Craftcherry said...

How fun! I wish they had rock climbing for 2 year olds. Mine has decided that he's a monkey.
LOVE your hair! It looks amazing!
This week we moved our 4 month old to his own room and crib AND started him on baby cereal. Both changes are going FANTASTIC!

Taylor {Sew Much Love} said...

Wow your hair seriously looks fantastic! I really love the lighter highlights and the overall color too!

Oh and my first went to nursery today for the first time! I was like practically crying! It goes too fast!

Trina M Curran said...

Oh I love your hair!! So will you do another hair week soon? ;)

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

Hair looks AMAZING!!! Would love to see it down as I have been looking for a new look myself, one hopefully including bangs, and I think our lengths might be similar. Curious...

My littlest girls sounds a lot like Baden - every time the older one is away - the younger is like a kid in a candy store grabbing all of her stuffed animals, kissing them, trying to use the older ones stool - etc. etc. It cracks me up

Anonymous said...

You look amazing (like you don't everyday ;)!

Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

Your hair and highlights look great! I love having bangs--so even if you have a quick ponytail, bangs make it look like you might have done your hair:). Cute pics, cute boys, beautiful Cheri:!

Kristy said...

Your hair looks great!

Wow! What an amazing rock climbing place!

Changes... I usually don't promote myself that much, but this week I am. Its all due to being a finalist in a contest, and now I'm trying to get votes (see my blog for more info). I also applied to be on the Martha Stewart show this week. I don't know if anything will come of it, but at least I tried.

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

As I have said before hearing you talk about mothering your 2 young boys allows me to go down memory lane and I thank you for that! Your hair is just adorable, sassy! And it really shows off your beautiful eyes.

d.n.williamson said...

LOVING the hair. Just wanted to share something with you. I know you are into decorating, etc. LOVE your playroom BTW. So, here is our girls Christmas gift from Gram and Gramps. http://nwilliamson.xanga.com/738766193/extreme-home-makeover--playhouse-edition/

Biz said...

Your little ones are precious!
I love the bow tie!
Your hair looks amazing and yes I was going to ask about the headband...darn ;)
Have a Blessed Sunday!

Tasha said...

Yeah for cute kids...yeah for Primary (big yeah!)...and an even bigger yeah for a fun new hair cut and color. LOVE IT! How fun. Sounds like a good week to me.

Mika said...

We took our children rock climbing and they had a blast. It is a little unnerving watching them go up (and even more unnerving we you actually go up and you have to trust the person below is doing their job so that you can come down safely!)

My wee one has started primary too ;) Sometimes you wonder if they are really old enough to be with the big kids..but it is such a big step for them

Loving the highlights. You're looking hot mama!

Siobhan said...

Your hair looks great! I am a HUGE believer in spending a bit of dough on the do. It makes a huge impact on your self esteem which lasts well beyond the 6 weeks or so that it takes to grow out. That spring in your step surely rubs off on the kids too, so it's all good! We are in synch this week as I have a haircut booked for Wed and can't wait. Just the head massage is enough for me :)

Cc Afemata said...

The hair really does look GREAT!!

Jen said...

Your new Do is darling! Let us know if you remember who you got that headband from - its darling! OHHH Leca, I nearly peed my pants when I read your comment! Hilarious! I nearly barfed this week too when they put me in as YW president and then I realized that one of my new beehives this year will be my own daughter! Why OH Why do they grow?


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