February 04, 2011

Feature Friday - Faux Metallic Letter

First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for the sweet comments about the blog makeover.  I'm so happy with it and really I'm glad you all like it.  If you want a new button, just go the the "Stay Connected" title in the sidebar and click on the circle that looks like a button.  You can have a regular one, or an "I Roared" one if I've ever featured your project on here.  The old buttons still work, but the new ones are kind of fun.  Also, if you're in to facebook feel free to like my new page for this blog.  I'll send out updates and maybe even extra info here and there.  Okay, let's get on with things here.

I was hopping around blog land the other day and I came upon a blog that I hadn't seen before.  It's Kristen F. Davis Designs and I loved it.  She had a simple tutorial for a faux metallic letter.  Well, I had tried a metallic spray paint on my giant letter "H" a while back and it never really looked like metal.  Sad.  However, when I saw her tutorial I thought I'd give it a shot.  Here are her cool letters, made to look silver.  Pretty sweet, huh?

I decided to shoot for copper.  Here's my "H" newly painted.

It might need a little more copper paint.  I'm still deciding, but either way it looks a lot more like metal than it did before so I'm happy.

Kristen's technique is great.  I wouldn't have thought of it.  Plus, her blog is beautiful.  Find her tutorial HERE

Thanks for reading my blog!


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