February 25, 2011

Feature Friday - FREE Preschool Packs

A couple of weeks ago I got a sweet e-mail from a thoughtful reader named Kelley.  She told me about this free printable Batman preschool pack that she had found right HERE.  She thought Rex would like it and she was absolutely right.  It's from Carisa's blog which is called 1+1+1=1.  Her blog it is full of awesome printable eductional awesomeness.  Yes, that's right.  

We downloaded the Batman pack.  Rex was literally jumping up and down as he watched the pages come out of the printer.  There are some pages that require cutting, pasting, and coloring, so I printed them off on regular paper. 

Rex is getting pretty good with scissors and he was giddy about cutting out the characters and sorting them as "good guys" and "bad guys."  

For some of the other sheets that just required some tracing I printed them off on cardstock and put them in a page protector.  (This page was meant to be used as a matching worksheet, but until Rex knows his numbers well he just counts them and then traces over the number.)

With the page protecter Rex can write on the pages with dry erase markers and use them again and again.  (He also thinks dry erase markers are amazing, so he was really excited again!)

Do you want to see the other preschool packs Carisa has made?  Click HERE.  She's made them all free for anyone to use and there's something for everyone.  Thank you Carisa for performing such a kind service.  You made Rex and I both so happy today!

And, in other news.....we're going to have a fun contest here that I'll tell you about on Monday.  Think boy.  See you tomorrow!


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