February 11, 2011

Feature Friday - Letter Writing Tray

Rex has been learning his letters in preschool this year.  He loves school, but he gets a little frustrated when he's asked to do something he thinks is "too hard."  They have been trying to teach him to write his name.  He's only three and it's been a little tricky for him, so I've been trying to come up with some fun ways help him practice his letters.  I found a few ideas yesterday while looking at Disney's Family Fun Magazine online.  They have some great activities HERE.
I thought the "letter writing tray" would be really fun.  They explained that you spread cornmeal on a cookie sheet and let your child write in it.  I decided to make it even more fun and use pudding instead of cornmeal.  Yes, it's a messy choice but Rex loves pudding and I thought he would think this was totally cool. 

Turns out he did.  And letter practice......

....turned into snack time....

....which then turned into art time.

I think this time of year gets a little challenging because it's so cold outside and you start to run out of fun indoor ideas.  So, this was perfect for us.  Rex loves doing something new.

I recommend keeping this a supervised activity.  I sat next to him and had a rubber spatula to smooth out the pudding after he drew in it.  I'm pretty sure if I would have left the room for a second I would be finding pistachio pudding in various places of our home for the rest of my life.

So, whip up some alphabet pudding fun if you're bored today.  Do you have any good activities you like for teaching the alphabet?  I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading my blog.  You're cool :)


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