February 18, 2011

Feature Friday - My CWTS Partner and Little Man Pants

We have a double feature today.  First of all, my brilliant Crafting With the Stars partner WON!!!  I wanted to show you what Mandi made during the course of the competition.  Be prepared to drool.

You saw her Pottery Barn Knock Off Mirror here a few weeks ago.

Then she whipped up this....

...which she built using this.

She made this Birth Announcement Memory Box for the baby round.

Then she finished up by turning her plain pantry door into this.

Now raise your hands....who wants to be Mandi when they grow up?  I do.  You can get more of her anytime at Tidbits from the Tremaynes.  Thanks for letting me by your partner Mandi!  You rock.

Okay, let's move on to today's featured tutorial.  As I mentioned, Celebrate the Boy has begun and Dana from Made posted a little boy pants pattern and tutorial on the first day.  I was nerdy excited to try it out.  Her fabulous tutorial can be found right HERE.

You see, the wonderful thing about Dana and her tutorials is that she makes things very simple for those of us who didn't start sewing shortly after leaving the womb.  She is extremely thorough as well.  Her tutorial made things really easy and I whipped up these comfy pants for my chunky little guy, using some of my hubby's old pants.  I gave him a little room to grow with the length.

They give him plenty of room in the tushy for his diaper bum.

And, I think he likes his new comfy pants.

So, you know that part in What About Bob? where he keeps yelling, "I'm sailing!  I'm sailing!"?  Well, that's kind of how I feel today.  "I made pants!  I made pants people!"  It was easy and I want to lock myself in the basement and sew ten more now.

You can find Dana's fantastic tutorial HERE.  Thank you Dana!


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