February 17, 2011

New Crate to Old Crate

I was at JoAnn's the other day and I saw these unfinished crates for $10 so I threw one in the cart.  I wanted to do something fun with it.  My sister has some cool old crates that I love, so I decided to be a wanna-be and make my own.  Here's what we started with.  I sanded it a bit before I got began.  I didn't want any little fingers getting slivers.

I used my Silhouette to create stencils.  If you don't have one you could use stamps or free hand it.  I slapped on my stencils and headed out to the gargage.

Now you're thinking, "Cheri, did you really just purposely make your crate say 'Wisconsin Cheese?'"  Yes, I did.  I live in Utah now, but I grew up in Wisconsin.  This little crate makes me smile and think of home.  It's funny because cheese is the only thing people associate with Wisconsin.  I went to college out of state and whenever people heard I was from there the only thing they could think to say was, "So, you like cheese, huh?"  Not the best pick up line really.

I gave the letters a light coat of spray paint.  It really has to be light or it will bleed a bit.  Then I pulled off my stencils.  If you want it to look really aged you could sand it more.  I only sanded the letters a tiny bit.

I didn't cover the edges of my stencil really well and you can see the outline of the rectangle, but I think it looks a little more authentic that way.  Then I brushed on a coat of this.  I really like this product because it's stain and polyurethane in one.  It gets drippy so it's good to have a rag on hand.  You could also use a rag apply the stain, but make sure you've got gloves.

I wanted the crate to look darker, but it didn't really suck much of the stain in.

Here it is all finished.

Now, if I had things my way I would have put caster wheels on it.  Wouldn't that look great?  Here's why I didn't.

Need another reason?  Here's his brother.  I can just imagine these two sailing down the stairs in this puppy.  Not good.

That's all for today.  See you tomorrow for a fun Feature Friday.  Thanks for reading.


  1. If your boys are like my kiddos they probably played with that crate all day long!...crates are way cooler than toys.

  2. OK, I have to know! I love your blog and your boys and everything about you, but I have got to know where in WI you grew up! Here I am in WI, dying to know.
    PS. Did you root for the Packers? :)

  3. I love these crates! I have 3 of them tucked under my crib holding all my daughter's most prized possessions.....(mcdonalds toys!)

  4. I love it! And it fits those two perfectly :)

  5. Super cute! Love the crate! Also, what color did you use to paint the superhero room? I am looking for the perfect gray for our nursery. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous17.2.11

    this is a neat idea! i love the look of those old crates, but i wouldn't have thought of using one of those at joann's - good call! and i live in wisconsin, so it's fun to read that you're from here too. :) and yeah, we do get a lot of cheese comments!

  7. so cute! love the wisconsin cheese!!!

  8. I must say that getting to read your blog posts every morning and seeing those two sweet faces always puts a big smile on mine! I solely blame you and your little cuties for wanting to reproduce in the future. Thanks for making my day, everyday! You're the best!

  9. Oh! The rug in the last couple pictures! I love it.
    Thanks for another great idea! I feel the need to head to JoAnn's or Michael's, which could be good (for me) OR bad (for my wallet).

  10. Love it! Nice little piece from back home. You did a great job on it! And once again, your little boys have melted my heart away. ;)

    Felicity, at {Simple Elegance}

  11. I too saw these the other day at Michaels. I think I'm going to make a trip and actually buy them this time! Your idea is way cute!


  12. $10 for a crate?! At least you made it your own :)

    Just Better Together

  13. Anonymous17.2.11

    What a fun, quick, economical project that has many uses. I can see stenciling on words that would be useful for work. Thanks for the idea.

    Smart call on no wheels. I, however, have no small cuties in my office and so could put them on my crate. :)

  14. This is adorable! I agree with you about the wheels.. My three year old would have immediately thought it was her own personal train and sailed down the stairs as well. Great job!

  15. That looks so fantastic. I always see crates like these and something in me always wants them but I never really know what I'd do with them.

    Stencils in bright colors with different labels like "books", "blocks", etc. would be fun too... or we could always go the roller derby route with the wheels ;)

  16. Love it!

    Welcome to Utah! I hope you like it here as much as I do.


  17. looks great! The overspray definitely looks more authentic.
    I had to laugh at "I can just see these two sailing down the stairs in this puppy." It must be a boy thing; the other day my daughter had a friend over and he dragged her big-ball-with-a-handle-to-bounce-on-it-with (that's the technical term, I'm pretty sure) up the stairs and was posed to go bounce back down them on it. "WAAAAAIT A MINUTE!" I hollered, when I fortunatly glanced over just in time. "What are you doing?" "I'm gonna go down the stairs! It will bounce really big!"
    Yeah, I bet.
    No, no you're not.

  18. "I can just imagine these two sailing down the stairs in this puppy"--Hahaha...this made me laugh. I have a little brother and that sounds EXACTLY like what little boys would do!

  19. I have so many ideas for these - thanks for giving me a kickstart!

  20. Those boys are so cute. I just found out I'm having a second boy in July and I'm excited, but seeing your two makes me even more excited!!!!!

  21. too cute the ending made me giggle..:)

  22. No way! I hunted everywhere (or so I thought) to find a crate like that (I wanted to paint one like they have all over Tai-Pan) and couldn't find one, who would've thought JoAnn would have one :). Your's looks great!

  23. Holly - The paint color in the super hero room is "Gentle Rain" by Behr. Good luck with the nursery!


  24. first off i'm amazed both of them fit in there!!! LOL!!! i love the look of the crate! looks fabulous! my sis would age wood after staining, by leaving out in the rain for a day and let it air dry in the garage. got a great look to it too!

  25. I love the idea! It would make a cute box to store many things. I'm thinking toys, wood/kindling, diapers, magazines. I need to get a hold of one of those! ;)


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