February 26, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - "ReSew" Review and GIVEAWAY!

I think you know I am a big fan of refashioning.  I love the idea of reusing items that might otherwise be thrown out.  I love spending very little money on thrifted items and making them new for my family.  Well, that is exactly what the book "ReSew" by Jenny Wilding Cardon is all about.  Jenny is creative, talented, and extremely kind.  I am excited to introduce you to her latest book.

I love Jenny's explanation of why she loved thrifting from day one.  I couldn't say it better myself.

"It was my opportunity to save money; to spend locally; to stretch my creativity (with my found treasures and my dollars); to help lighten a strain on the environment; and, mostly, to uncover the distinct and unique - and remake it, too - among the swell of mass producing, big-box retailers that often promote the impersonal and uninspired."

The book is loaded with projects.  Jenny's instructions are great.  As you read, you get the feeling you're sitting down with a good friend who is teaching you how to make something and even sketching as she explains. 

I want to show you a few projects I really liked.  This great quilt came from a bunch of thrifted sheets.

This hat, mitten, and scarf set came from a woman's sweater.

This top used to be an oversized sweatshirt.  I LOVE how she used the extra fabric to make the stripes on the shirt.  It gives it so much textural interest.

In all of her projects Jenny has a real eye for details.  See how she reused the button down portion of a shirt in this dress?  So clever.

Jenny's book is loaded with great refashioning ideas.  You can purchase "ReSew" on Amazon right HERE.  She is also giving away a copy right here.  Just leave a comment to enter.  One comment per person please.  Drawing ends Monday night and the winner will be announced Tuesday morning.

Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas, Jenny.  You rock!


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