February 06, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - wild life, waffles, and winter fun

I love living near the moutains.  Yesterday we looked out our window and saw this.  Apparently there was a deer conference scheduled in our yard.

Here's the keynote speaker.  (I caught this shot with his mouth open.  He was eating our ivy.)  My boys get so excited as they watch at the window and I love to watch the boys and the deer.

My latest indulgence has been this.  I put two waffles together with some Nutella in the middle.  Oh baby.  I really love eating.

Lastly, I was grateful to get some special time in with Rex.  My husband and I took him snow tubing.  Here in Utah they have a couple of places that have a rope tow or a conveyor to take you back up to the top.  Very nice for the lazy people like me who love to ride down, but don't enjoy hauling the kids and sleds back up.  Here are all the people riding up the conveyor.

And here is Rex's my-mom's-taking-a-picture-and-making-me-smile face.  He loved every minute of the tubing.

What was the best part of your week?


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