February 13, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - wrestling, weather, and wet boys

The boys had a sweet wrestling match on our bed yesterday.  Even though Rex has almost two years on Baden they are less then two pounds apart.  Funny, huh?  I usually chime in with a "Be careful!" or a "He's still a little guy.  Be gentle!"  This time I decided to just sit back and watch. 

They were happy as can be just tackling each other and rolling around.

It is important to pause from time to time so you can practice flexing your muscles.

While these two have been bugging each other more lately, they have also been playing together more, which I'm grateful for.  Sometimes they are so kind to each other and those moments are amazing.

Yesterday we have some abnormally warm weather.  I got to take to the park and let them run around.  I sat in the sun and watched them play.  It was fantastic.  I'm really excited that Baden is old enough to really play now.  Last summer he was still pretty little.
Lastly, there's nothing like bath pictures. 

After baths we did our night time routine.  Rex said the prayer.  Hearing him pray is one of my favorite things.  In his prayer he said, "Thank you for Jesus and guns and arrows and our teeth."   Hmmmmm.  Random?  Yes.  Funny?  Yes.  Sincere?  Yes.  I love that kid.
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  1. Oh my, that prayer is the cutest!

    My boys are also almost two years apart but only a few pounds different in weight. They love wrestling on my bed. And on the couch. On the floor. In the car....

    Even though they pick at each other a lot, at 4 yrs and 2 yrs, it's nice to see them becoming buddies.

  2. Such cute pictures! Jesus and guns and arrows and our teeth. I laughed so hard when I read that.

  3. My boys are the same way. I am sooo grateful for when they play TOGETHER. They stick up for each other too. But they also fight over everything!

  4. awesome pix! and awesome memories!! thank you for sharing!

  5. Cute!!! Those boys are going to be seriously attractive when they reach their teens.... I'm going to have to hook them up with my two sisters. :D

    Rex' prayer is adorable. Sounds like my little brothers. They prayer about the most random things, but it's always so sweet, and innocent, and sincere, and...amusing.

    Thanks for sharing some sunshine!! :)

    Felicity, at {Simple Elegance}

  6. That's my favorite thing about the observations of our children - they're simple and totally genuine. Your post made me smile (and wish I had a son!).

  7. That picture of Baden flexing his muscles is too cute! I can't wait until my little one is finally big enough to truly play with his brother. So fun to meet you the other day!

  8. What a great post :) It is like looking at my own boys. They are almost 2 and almost 5 (I have told you before want to come live at ur house because of Rex's superhero room..LOL). They are just starting to play and fight and it is awesome! It makes you so glad they have eachother....I hope it is always like this :)

  9. That's cute. Have you read the Dallas Clayton books? You can read them online. I just love them.


  10. So sweet! It really makes me want to have a second child soon! I grew up with one sister, and for most of my life it was me, my mom and my sister in the house, so I always had it in my head that I would also have a house of girls. Now that I have one boy and have opened my eyes to the world of boys, I would love to have another little guy. Wrestling matches look amazing! :)

  11. You have the CUTEST little boys! I'm going to have to save a picture of them so that if I have a boy someday, I can go to the hairdresser and say I want THAT on his little head! I love seeing pictures of your kids!

  12. When I say my prayers tonight I am going to tell Jesus thank you for indoor playgrounds at the mall, Grandma's who have the patience to deal with five grandkids age 10, 8, 3,1 and 1..., and THANK YOU FOR A 50 DEGREE DAY WITH LOTS OF SUNSHINE...to melt some of the snow and get my boys outside...even if I have to now scrub the mud off their shoes and re mop the kitchen floor!

    Love your little guys prayers.

  13. Anonymous13.2.11

    I have to laugh because I actually recorded my kids wrestling, only they were punching each other in the head & then laughing! Quite a site if your not another boy mom :)

  14. Your boys remind me so much of mine. They are about the same age and my oldest only weighs about 2lbs more as well. My hubby just checked on them and they are sleeping in the same bed. It's so awesome! There is nothing like brotherly love! Thanks for sharing their love with us!

  15. My three year old prays like that too! "Thank you for bugs, and toilets and candy.... dat's all I need. Amen." How can God not get a chuckle out of that?

  16. Those pictures are super great.

    What?!? You don't usually pray for Jesus, guns, arrows and teeth? We totally do.

    I love it!

  17. adorable. My boys are 23 months apart and when they were that size, everyone thought they were twins....it is still fun to see their bond, they are now 8 and 10 and right in sync as if they were twins.

  18. I have to say that I think my boys are going to be like that... 21 months apart, but probably going to be the same size here pretty soon. My two year old is small, and here comes my 3 month old tanker right behind him... AND i'm nursing the same as I did last time! amazing :) I'm glad i'm not the only one who has this, i do like how different they are.

  19. Baden is getting to be SO BIG! He looks so grown up suddenly!

    I have to say, little kid prayers are my favourites. Some of my fav prayers of Nicole's thus far include:
    "God in heaven, please be with gramma and grampa and uncle aj and aunt tiffany and uncle jamie and uncle douglas, because they love me sooooo much!"
    "God in heaven, please make mommy not be so mean to me in church." (at which point I suggested she ask Him to help her sit nicely in church and behave, so she wouldn't get in trouble. So her corrected version...)"God in heaven, please help me to be a good girl in church, so mommy not be so mean to me in church." (I'll take it.)
    "God in heaven, please make the snow come so I can have my baby sister." (when I was overdue... we had told her the baby would come when it snowed. Sure enough... the day we brought baby Olivia home... it snowed!!)

  20. This is a bit off topic, but do you know where you got the Scooby Doo shirt? My two year old would LOVE it if I could find one!

  21. Ths scooby shirt was from either Target or Wal-mart. I'm not sure because it was over a year ago. Sorry!



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