February 13, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - wrestling, weather, and wet boys

The boys had a sweet wrestling match on our bed yesterday.  Even though Rex has almost two years on Baden they are less then two pounds apart.  Funny, huh?  I usually chime in with a "Be careful!" or a "He's still a little guy.  Be gentle!"  This time I decided to just sit back and watch. 

They were happy as can be just tackling each other and rolling around.

It is important to pause from time to time so you can practice flexing your muscles.

While these two have been bugging each other more lately, they have also been playing together more, which I'm grateful for.  Sometimes they are so kind to each other and those moments are amazing.

Yesterday we have some abnormally warm weather.  I got to take to the park and let them run around.  I sat in the sun and watched them play.  It was fantastic.  I'm really excited that Baden is old enough to really play now.  Last summer he was still pretty little.
Lastly, there's nothing like bath pictures. 

After baths we did our night time routine.  Rex said the prayer.  Hearing him pray is one of my favorite things.  In his prayer he said, "Thank you for Jesus and guns and arrows and our teeth."   Hmmmmm.  Random?  Yes.  Funny?  Yes.  Sincere?  Yes.  I love that kid.
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