March 13, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - We Are a Family....

That post title is meant to be sung.  You know...."We are a family, I got all my sisters with me.."  Are you feeling it yet?  Alright, this week I've been especially thankful for family - in big ways and little ways.

Rex is obsessed with mail, even thought he doesn't get a lot of it.  My mother-in-law is extremely thoughtful.  She sends him these little bags in the mail, full of goodies.  When we see a bag in the mailbox we know it's from G-ma.  He gets giddy.  I didn't even know you could mail a bag.  Cool, huh?  This time there was a light-up sucker.  She finds the coolest stuff ever.

My sister who lives nearby has 2 boys as well.  One of the things I think is really fun with boys is the automatic devotion and love they have for the cousin that's older.  Rex adores his older cousin and now Rex gets to enjoy being adored too.  Can you see it here?  This little guy just loves Rex and it's so sweet.  Cousin love rocks.

These two like to dress up together.  Who are these masked men?  Show your faces!

(Boy dress up is pretty fun too.  We like to buy Halloween costumes after Halloween.  I found a couple for $5.  You can't make them for that.)

Lastly, THIS sister came for a visit.  She knows more about Superheros than any person who has ever lived on the earth.  As you know, Rex adores superheros so he thought she was pretty much a rockstar.  He was actually kind of nervous around her which made me laugh.  I told him he could ask her any superhero questions and she would know the answer.  It was better than meeting Santa.

What were you thankful for this week?


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