March 13, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - We Are a Family....

That post title is meant to be sung.  You know...."We are a family, I got all my sisters with me.."  Are you feeling it yet?  Alright, this week I've been especially thankful for family - in big ways and little ways.

Rex is obsessed with mail, even thought he doesn't get a lot of it.  My mother-in-law is extremely thoughtful.  She sends him these little bags in the mail, full of goodies.  When we see a bag in the mailbox we know it's from G-ma.  He gets giddy.  I didn't even know you could mail a bag.  Cool, huh?  This time there was a light-up sucker.  She finds the coolest stuff ever.

My sister who lives nearby has 2 boys as well.  One of the things I think is really fun with boys is the automatic devotion and love they have for the cousin that's older.  Rex adores his older cousin and now Rex gets to enjoy being adored too.  Can you see it here?  This little guy just loves Rex and it's so sweet.  Cousin love rocks.

These two like to dress up together.  Who are these masked men?  Show your faces!

(Boy dress up is pretty fun too.  We like to buy Halloween costumes after Halloween.  I found a couple for $5.  You can't make them for that.)

Lastly, THIS sister came for a visit.  She knows more about Superheros than any person who has ever lived on the earth.  As you know, Rex adores superheros so he thought she was pretty much a rockstar.  He was actually kind of nervous around her which made me laugh.  I told him he could ask her any superhero questions and she would know the answer.  It was better than meeting Santa.

What were you thankful for this week?


  1. I'm thankful for my sisters =) They are some of my biggest fans and I'm theirs.

    We have gotten some strange things in the mail at work. One company has sent us a message in a bottle and a small bat. No packaging... just postage and a label slapped on the bottle and bat. Your mother-in-law rocks. I know my kids go nuts when they get something.

  2. Everyone loves happy mail! I didn't know you could mail a bag, but now I know! Might have to look into that for my nephew who lives a little further than I would like. I miss the little guy.

  3. Thankful for finding amazing blogs I never knew existed! Amongst other things like living somewhere earthquakes never happen and being able to provide for my family. It's been a crazy mixed up week. Love your blog - I'll definitely be back regularly :)

  4. I'm thankful for my calling in Church this week. I learn so much and by doing so, make my home a better place.

  5. Anonymous13.3.11

    This week I am thankful for the Happy Hubby who took on all day Daddy Duty yesterday to care for our Happy Buddy while I helped coordinate a wedding. I am thankful for my mom who loves taking our Happy Buddy to the park and giving him way too many animal crackers. I am thankful that the Happy Buddy learned how to say "I love you" today - more like "I wuv" but still the most precious thing ever. And I am thankful for Costco's organic tortilla chips and a giant tub of hummus which was pretty much my dinner last night before bed. :-)

  6. I'm thankful my husband went grocery shopping with me today and carried in all the food while I put it away.

  7. Aw your sister came to visit! sweet! That is something to be grateful for, fo sho. :)

  8. grateful my hubby took the week off so we can have a stay-cation with the kids for spring break! i love cousin love, too.

  9. awww, I love your family love! :) I think there's nothing quite as sweet as seeing your family love each other (and in being thankful for them yourself!).
    this week I'm thankful for GOOD WEATHER! when the sun comes out for the first good "Spring-y" week, my heart just sings! we spent the entire week outside- sheer glory! :)
    ps- I think I could say "I'm thankful for my family every.single.week! :) so that too- haha!

  10. I didn't know you could mail a bag! That's really cool! How do you do that though? Is it just a drawstring bag that you tie?

  11. Kylie - Yeah, it's just a drawstring package and it has a tag that hangs out. It's sewn in along the bottom. You put all the info there and cinch up the bag. That's it! Fun, huh?


  12. Nice! Well, I guess the super hero freak is out of the bag. At least my useless information is cool to someone. My niche is 3-6 year old boys. Yeah baby!

  13. im thankful for my fiancee-to-be! im a lucky lucky girl. and i love getting mail too! not just a thing for little boys! i know my man loves mail too so i have just sent him a fleet (and when i say fleet i seriously mean it) of love letters! (he's gone away for a couple months till i get to move out to c.a. with him)

    and btw, i really love your blog! today i did a refashion that i think you'd like, a lace-cut out t-shirt that is no-sew! and easy to do with very little time.
    come and visit me at:

    thanks! sharde

  14. I am thankful for finally getting my thoughts together and realizing that I need to get my house and myself in order and how better to do that then to start a blog that keeps me on track. So I have put it in writing that I am going to do it one step and one week at a time in between school work and taking care of my beautiful boys. If you would like to join me in this raw emotional challenge check out

  15. Love it! Do you happen to know where she buys those little bags at? I have a nephew that would love that!


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