March 06, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - singing in the shower and doctors

Rex has recently discovered the joy of taking a shower.  He's in love.  He begs to take one all the time now.  I am grateful for his excitement.  Here he is singing and dancing in the shower.


I'm also grateful for doctors.  I feel a little bad for taking this picture of Baden.  It turns out he has a double ear infection.  Poor little guy.  I was so relieved to find that out because even though his cold was better he was whining ALL the time.

Lastly, I was so excited to get all your responses about the Sharing Saturday questions.  Thank you for your help!  It's so fun to hear everyone's opinions and suggestions.  You guys rock.

See you tomorrow.


Dragonfliez Made said...

Hope Baden feels better. Those ear infections can be horrible for them. Sometimes we didnt know when my little one had them as he seem to have them all the time until the tubes were put in.

Read you all the time and you do some great projects! I am glad to see that there are some great boy projects out there.
Keep it up.


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Poor lil guy! Sounds like our house, too. Colds, then lotsa whining, then double ear infections. Thank heavens for modern medicine!

Unknown said...

Hope he feels better STAT! Double ear infections sound no bueno!

Bri Sin said...

Ear infections are a really big deal at our house. My poor husband had tubes in his ears until he was 12! He had to have speech therapy because he had so many infections. And then had reconstructive ear surgery on one eardrum. And recently underwent exploratory surgery on the other.

When my little guy started to get them all the time, I freaked out. But then, I got one of these >>>
and I feel much better. I can keep an eye on his ears if he starts to get fussy and head off infections before they get bad. That way they can't cause too much damage.

I also did a TON of stuff to boost his immune system.

I don't know if you are having major concerns over this or not, but I thought I'd put in my two cents. :)

Unknown said...

awe. and now i feel bad for laughing at the picture of Baden. poor guy. hope he feels better soon.

love the pics of Rex. too funny.

Clamaresa said...

beautiful photos of the bathroom ... sorry your child is sick. hugs for everyone at home. happy week

Erin said...

Don't worry I get Bad Mommy of the year youngest (1) had a double ear infection for 2 weeks before we went to the doctor...and then the hospital for IV antibiotics. He is such a laid back kid...he was fussy and snotty so I just thought he was getting more teeth, until he spike a fever of a 103! Oh btw I am a nurse! DUH!!!!

So did you make that shirt? I love it...too cute.

Hope your little man feels better!

mbarker said...

I have three kids - all have ear infections and tubes. An at home trick that ACTUALLY works is to put a little rice pack on his ear and have him lay on it. The kind that you can make and use as hand warmers. The heat will help to draw the liquid out and relieve the pain.

candyland said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE "momma's gonna SNAP!" t-shirt! Even when he's not feeling well, he's looking good! Take care and happy recovery!


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