April 22, 2011

Feature Friday - Resurrection Rolls for Easter

I got an e-mail from Kim at Feather From My Nest the other day, showing me her Resurrection Rolls.  I had been trying to find some fun Easter activities that would teach my boys about the real meaning of Easter and this was perfect.  Plus, the recipe is super simple, using pre-made frozen rolls.  I've been super busy lately so this made it very doable.
Here are Kim's rolls.  (I can't get the link for the actual post and I don't know why, but you have to just scroll down a little and click on them on her blog.)  See?  They are empty inside like the tomb.
Besides having a special meaning, these rolls were seriously tasty.  Rex declared that they were the yummiest thing he'd ever eaten.  I made two pans of them so I could take some to neighbors.  Everyone thought they were really cool.
It's a little hard to get the dough to seal around the marshmallow.  We had a couple ooze out, but they still tasted amazing and they were still hollow.

See?  They worked.  They're hollow!  (I'm not really gifted in the baking area, so I was excited that they worked.)

You'll find Kim's recipe HERE and you still have enough time to make some for Easter.
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