April 22, 2011

Feature Friday - Resurrection Rolls for Easter

I got an e-mail from Kim at Feather From My Nest the other day, showing me her Resurrection Rolls.  I had been trying to find some fun Easter activities that would teach my boys about the real meaning of Easter and this was perfect.  Plus, the recipe is super simple, using pre-made frozen rolls.  I've been super busy lately so this made it very doable.
Here are Kim's rolls.  (I can't get the link for the actual post and I don't know why, but you have to just scroll down a little and click on them on her blog.)  See?  They are empty inside like the tomb.
Besides having a special meaning, these rolls were seriously tasty.  Rex declared that they were the yummiest thing he'd ever eaten.  I made two pans of them so I could take some to neighbors.  Everyone thought they were really cool.
It's a little hard to get the dough to seal around the marshmallow.  We had a couple ooze out, but they still tasted amazing and they were still hollow.

See?  They worked.  They're hollow!  (I'm not really gifted in the baking area, so I was excited that they worked.)

You'll find Kim's recipe HERE and you still have enough time to make some for Easter.
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  1. I love these! I actually make them with Pillsbury buns, the small can. I dip them in butter & brown sugar on both sides, then wrap it around the marshmallow. SO good and what a great idea with the meaning of Easter!

  2. What a fun idea! If you are interested in more activities to do with your kids for a more meaningful Easter, Deseret Book has a book called A Christ Centered Easter and it's fabulous. It's a paperback book filled of great ideas that helps your family focus it's attention on the real meaning of Easter. It was only 15 bucks. I highly recommend it.
    Thanks for taking time to post each day! Love your fabulous blog.

  3. We made these last year with my daughter and goddaughter. They were a hit and the perfect easter kids project!

  4. Great idea! I'll be trying these!

  5. I just busted a gut laughing at these. PURE GENIUS! love them!!!

  6. I'm pinning this! I will have to give this a try....looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  7. We made these in Sunday School with the kids and they thought they were a really cool way of telling the Easter story. We coated the marshmallow in melted butter (which symbolized the oils they placed on Jesus), and then we sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on the marshmallow (which symbolized the spices they placed on Jesus), and then we sprinkled coconut on the marshmallow (which symbolized the linen Jesus was wrapped in), and then we stuffed the marshmallow in the bread, and placed a vanilla wafer on the outside to be the stone door.

    It was so much fun and so tasty!

  8. We did these last year and the kids loved them! Click here for my post..they are slightly different.

  9. My friend's family makes these every year, but they use store-bought crescent rolls. That way, it's super easy to wrap the dough around the marshmallow and the kids can really have a hand in helping to make them. A little simpler than trying squish the marshmallows into the dinner rolls! :D They call them "Empty Tombs."

  10. Thanks so much for sharing this!!!!!!

    Girlfriend your going to have to tell me how you got your rolls to rise so well. Mine never look that plump. Great job!

    Kim from www.FeathersFromMyNest.com

  11. Here's another Easter idea I found at howdoesshe.com http://practicalpraise.blogspot.com/2011/04/easter-goodness.html
    Your boys would probably enjoy it "Scavenger Hunt" style! My kids look foward each day to reading the next egg!

  12. We just made these this morning, so yummy!

  13. I ran out and got the ingredients and am going to make these with my boys on Easter.

    Here's a fun thing we do to focus on Jesus at Easter... Ressurection Eggs

  14. This is awesome. What a great idea. I will definitely be making some for Easter.

  15. I made the same rolls with my students on Thursday (I teach at a Christian school) and they also lamented that they were the best rolls they had ever had (can't go wrong with cinnamon, sugar, and butter!) Since it went so well, my whole family did it on Easter as well and everyone (even grumpy Grandpa) enjoyed making the rolls, hearing the resurrection story, and eating the rolls! Great post, as always!


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