April 21, 2011

Monogrammed Rhinestone Tee and Silhouette Deal

I got the chance to try out Silhouette's rhinestone kit this week.  I've never really worked with rhinestones before, so I picked a simple project.  I made this sweet monogrammed tee for a niece.  (It kind of reminds me of Laverne and Shirley with the "L" on it.  If you don't know what I'm talking about you're probably too young.  I'm getting up there you know :)

Paired with a cute skirt, this makes an easy and inexpensive personalized outfit.  (It's hard to tell, but the rhinestones are pink like the skirt.  They are tricky to photograph.)  I really enjoyed the rhinestones.  The Silhouette's instructions and methods are easy to follow.  Here's a quick run down if you've never used them before.

  Let's break it down.  See the light blue sheet on top?  It's like really thick, sticky vinyl.  You cut the vinyl using one of the rhinestone templates in the Silhouette online store.  (The templates are 99 cents.)  Then you peel back the vinyl and stick it to the white board you see underneath in the picture.  It's a thicker board and it's essentially your work space.  (The awesome thing is that you can use the board again and again with the same vinyl.  For example, I can reuse this "L" template again.) 

Then you use your tools to round up those little rhinestones and put them in the holes.  The brush helps get them into the right spots, but I really liked the pick up tool.  It's a little sticky and helps you grab those rhinestones that don't want to cooperate.

Alright.  Everybody in?  Those little rhinestones can be fiesty.

Once you've got them all ready you take a little bit of the transfer tape and stick it to the top. That will pick them all up so you can place them on your shirt.

You just place them on the shirt and follow the instructions.  (Put a cloth over the transfer tape, iron on wool setting for 45 seconds, turn the shirt inside out and iron the back.)  That's it.

Fun, huh?  Now here's the current deal you can get in on:
A Silhouette SD
The Rhinestone starter kit
3 additional packs of rhinestones
And 1 Pick Me Up tool
ALL FOR $229!

This Rhinestone Bundle includes:

The Silhouette SD
2 sheets of rhinestone template material
2 sheets of rhinestone transfer tape
2 rhinestone backing boards
1 rhinestone placement brush
1 CD of rhinestone images
1 pack of clear 10ss rhinestones
1 pack of clear 16ss rhinestones
1 pack of clear 20ss rhinestones
1 pack of pink 10ss rhinestones
and 1 Pick-Me-Up tool

(This is a rockin' deal worth $125 in savings!)  To get this promotion click HERE and then use the code "ROAR." This promotion will run from April 21st-April 26th.
Also, if you already have a Silhouette, all rhinestone products are currently 30% off!  No code needed.

Thanks for dropping in.


Pickled Blu said...

so cool- my niece would LOVE this- she loves anything bedazzled and I ove the change ot girl it up! I have one boy myself!

nest full of eggs said...

the pink floral bottom, is that a bubble skirt or bloomers, but most importantly where did you buy it??

Catherine Peart said...

That looks so cute. I had to laugh, I thought of Laverne as soon as I saw it too!

Kimberly said...

Cute shirt. I too am wondering where the skirt came from! I love the print.

Unknown said...

My middle name at birth was "Lyn." I totally learned my cursive L as a kid by watching Laverne and Shirley.

Ugh. Am I old??

Kimberly T. said...

Very cool!

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

ooh thanks, im going to try this!

Missy said...

After discovering your blog, as well as some other crafty mom blogs, I've realized how much I want a silhouette machine. I have a cricut and it just doesn't compare. I would probably get the most use by using it to cut vinyl or fabric with interfacing. I hate that I have missed passed promotions for these bundles. Any idea if I can go back and receive them? (I'm not much of a rhinestone chick.)


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