April 07, 2011

Sign Makeover and Dine In for Japan

I wanted to mention something before we get started today.  If you're still looking for a way to help those in Japan then you might want to check out THIS POST on UCreate Foods.  It's a really cool idea and not hard to do either. 

When my husband and I got married my dad found this sign and bought it for my husband.  While it may still be true, I decided to turn it into something I wanted to hang up.  (Sorry Dad!) 

I love giving things makeovers.  I like finding a way to renew something that I would have just thrown out a few years ago.  My mind set has changed a bit in the last couple of years.

Anyhow, this sign got a couple coats of turquiose spray paint and some vinyl cut with my Silhouette.  My husband and I don't have similiar taste in music, but there is one artist we both like.  His name is Mason Jennings and he has a song called "Be Here Now."  I thought this would be a cool thing to hang in our mudroom because I want our home to feel like an umbrella from the storm....somewhere we can feel safe....somewhere we can really be ourselves....somewhere away from the frustrations of work.  This sign makes me really happy.  It also reminds me to really be here....to be present and make the moment count.

I wanted to give it something else, so afterwards I cut some circles with my Silhouette to make the umbrella polka dotted.  When there was one that needed to run off the edge I placed the dot there lightly, penciled in where it needed to be cut, cut it, and then stuck it down.

This sign is a little more me than the other one.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Yes!
    I'm the first to comment!
    While that saying is true, I love the makeover you did.
    "Be here now"
    The white spots on the umbrella are adorable.

  2. It's a lovely sign, and an even lovelier thought behind it.

  3. Ok, that is awesome! My husband and I are big fans of Mason Jennings! We have seen him in concert 4 or 5 times. Such a random thing to have in common.
    BTW, love your blog and your giving spirit!
    Thanks for being a part of my mornings each day!!

  4. Love the sign makeover! The polka dots added just the right touch!

  5. Love the idea of your home being an umbrella from the storm.
    Such a cute sign!!

  6. This turned great, I love the colors together. I have a couple of signs that need to be revamped, since they haven't been hung up in the five years we have been married:)

  7. Love the makeover and the new quote.

  8. Love it! But what does your husband think?

  9. That is such a cute sign. Love the polkadots.

  10. I love the sign, but more so I love the message of being present. Technology (cell phones) and so many other things distract us from being "in the moment" and I love that you captured that sentiment. As always, your blog is wonderful!

  11. i love this! you are so amazingly creative.. i love your blog!



  12. Very cute! Did you use vinyl for all of the cutouts? Where can you buy sheets of vinyl like that? Any idea if a cricut machine will cut vinyl (thats what I have)? Thanks!

  13. Very cute! Much nicer than the before! I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime, www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com

  14. super cute!
    I love them. I have quite a few signs that I wanted to do a make over on them. I think you inspired me!

  15. Cheri, thanks so much for the "Dine In for Japan" shout out!!

    ...and I absolutely love your sign makeover!! Super cute!

  16. I love this whole thing. You are so cool.

  17. Missy - Yes it's sticky vinyl. The Cricut definitely cuts it. You can buy it online here:


  18. I love the quote and I love the sign. You really own it now!

    I am also thinking how I can get my husband to buy me a silhouette on his next trip over there :)

  19. Beautiful sentiment!

  20. Your sign makes me so happy!!! I think I need one. Thanks for the inspiration!


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