April 09, 2011

Soapbox Saturday: Paper Coterie (AND Sharing Saturday)

Have you ever encountered a company with incredible customer service?  A company that you love because you feel there products are so you?  A company with ideas you only wish you would have thought of?  Well I have and I can't wait to tell you about them.  I got the chance to try some products and help give feedback for a new company called Paper Coterie.  They didn't ask me to blog about them, but I couldn't help myself.  I was so impressed.  I LOVE THIS COMPANY.  They have amazing customer service and a great desire to make your experience with them flawless. 

"Paper Coterie is a circle of friends who are passionate about documenting the beauty of life well lived."  They have personalized photo books, cards, calendars, and a whole lot more.
When I first visited their site I was amazed by the ideas.  Their books aren't your average photo books that you might find in a lot of online stores.  Their books are based on beautiful ideas.  There's an ABC book, a book to help you document your child at a certain age, a book that's based on grandmothers.  The layouts and designs are gorgeous.

I decided to make one for Rex that's called "I Wish."  After my book was ordered it came quickly, well wrapped and packaged, and printed really nicely.  Let me show you parts of it.  It's a book documenting my hopes and dreams for my son.

All you have to do is drag in your pictures.

You can edit the text, but I only changed a few things because I really loved what they had already written.

At the end of the book there's a pretty vellum page with their name on it.  I love small little details like that.

You can see my book in full in the idea gallery HERE.
They do a lot more than photobooks.  There are cards, calendars, recipe books, growth charts, and posters.  I'm trying this one next.  It's a polaroid heart poster.  Fun gift idea, huh?

I also love this one.

Some of you readers were given the opportunity to try out a product as well.  If you didn't get to you can still can still take advantage of the fact that everything is 50% off right now and through this month before their big official launch.  (Price is marked as such.)  Need a Mother's Day gift?  There you go.

Check it all out HERE at Paper Coterie.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Now before you go I wanted to squeeze in a quick Sharing Saturday question.  What are your best ideas for teacher appreciation gifts?  Have you given anything that was a hit?  Do you have something great cooked up for a teacher this year?  I'd love to hear your ideas.  Thanks for stopping by!


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