April 17, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - Costco trips and looking back

On most Saturdays we make a Costco run all together as a family.  It's a little thing and the kids do their fair share of whining, but it's still one of those things I enjoy and appreciate.  Here's my view of my handsome husband driving.

Here's my view of my handsome husband when he realizes I'm taking a picture of him.

The little guys in the back hope for lots of taste testers.  (Okay...and so does their mom.)

I started a funny tradition a while back.  I started taking pictures of the kids in the cart at Costco.  Back in the day when Rex was little I would go with my sister and her little guy.  This is when it started.

This one wasn't Rex's best hair day :)

Okay this one isn't a Costco cart, but I had to throw it in.

They both kept growing....

....and growing...

....and growing...

....my sister made another one.  Then I had another one a year later and that made too many kids for one Costco trip.

Now my husband and I just take ours.  Here we are now.  Rex is happy because his mouth is full.

And there you have it.  It's hard to believe how fast time has passed.  I'm grateful for little traditions, pictures, and family time.

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  1. Your little boys are so sweet! And it's going to be this little traditions and weekly happenings that they remember, so it's lovely that you make them so special.

  2. Anonymous17.4.11

    I take pictures of my kids in those carts, too!

    Ps...i am super excited to see your little man back in a 5 point harness!

  3. I don't have a Costco membership, but I still like to go. My friends takes turns taking me and we get to enjoy some time together. Love that part of it. My girls will sometimes go too, but not very often though.
    So fun to see how the boys are growing. It's actually the perfect spot for taking a picture, you do it once a week and they are contained in one place.

  4. ha, I love the chokehold picture and how angry Baden always looks in photographs. I have a nephew like that, happy kid but always looks like Serious Bidness.
    I was at Costco yesterday, too! I bought a skort... for me! what the whaaat! I never thought it would happen in my adult life. But the shorts are so slick and sleek and bikeshort-ish, and the skirt was pretty cute, and also?? $15! Sound like a plan.

    Costco singlehandedly keeps my kids in jammies.

  5. One of my favorite pictures is the first time our oldest two boys sat in a Costco cart together! Something cute about that. Now it is the middle and the youngest so I should take a new picture before another one outgrows the cart!
    The choke hold picture cracked me up:)
    Oh and my favorite buy at Costco this week: 700 coffee filters for $2.50! We make two pots of coffee a day and I also use the filters for cleaning windows and mirrors. Score!

  6. That's cute! When my oldest was about a year and a half I was babysitting another little boy, those would have been fun shots, as well as both my boys now. All of the kids are gorgeous in your photos! Happy costco day!

  7. These are fun pictures!
    Yummy snacks at Costco are the best. Sometimes I get lured into buying the product and end up not liking it when I get home.

    Just Better Together

  8. I loved taking the kids to Costco when we lived in BC! I never took pictures though...I should have! Now Costco is a four hour drive and a hotel stay away. So we only go a couple times a year. I still love it but they just love the book section, guess I won't complain about that one!

  9. How fun to get to see them growing up by Costco pics. I love Costco.

  10. Your little guys are just so adorable. I have one little guy and seeing your blonde boys reminds me of mine. Except yours seem to be much better at looking at the camera. Mine just turns his head. Love your blog. Cute Family!!

  11. Hah, I read this wrong and didn't recognize the kids in the top pic (b/c your son was so much younger than). I thought you were taking pictures of random kids in their carts at costco. I thought "hmm, weird? and slightly creepy". :)

    Forgive me, I am a tired Mommy but thought you may want to laugh at me, I mean, WITH me, of course.

  12. I love your family Cheri, they are such characters! Love how family time and shopping have merged - so practical x

  13. Dang...Rex has ALWAYS been handsome, be it baby, toddler, or little boy!


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