April 03, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - quiet time with my man

My husband has been working really long hours lately.  On top of that we've both been a little under the weather and my kids have been a bit challenging.  I am SO grateful this week for the tiny, quiet moments my husband and I have together.

One of my favorite things we occasionally do together is to have a little herbal tea together before bed.  I caught our reflection in the window as we were talking the other night and I thought it would be cool to get a picture of it.

Don't find filthy window.  Just enjoy the quiet peacefulness.  It only lasts for a little while you know :)  Here's another night.  (Yes, that's a monkey sleeper I'm wearing in case you were wondering.)

I am thankful for silence, herbal tea, my best friend, and bed time.

Thanks for reading.


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