April 11, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Thank you all for your great teacher appreciation ideas you shared on Saturday.  Teacher appreciation week is in the beginning of May.  I thought it would be fun to compile a few of the ideas and offer some free printables to help you out.  Today I'm going to share a couple ideas and then I'll share a few more another day this week.

Someone mentioned giving chocolate covered strawberries.  I know it depends on the teacher, but I thought this was one that most teachers would love.  So here's the printable for it.  I created these files to be printed as a 5x7 photo at any photo lab.  

INSTRUCTIONS: To get a good resolution just click on the photo (which will make it bigger), then right click on the image and choose to save it to your computer.  Then upload the image to any site that prints photos and choose 5x7.  That size works well for a card.  It fits in an envelope (not the business kind, but the card kind) and you can write a presonal message on the back.  You could also put the strawberries in a box and tape the printable on the top.  Easy enough, right? 
This one would also work for a thank you in general - not just for teachers.  Then all you have to do is get dunking.  Make sure to make more than you need....if you're anything like me.  Oh I love chocolate dipped strawberries!  You could even get creative.  Check these out.

On to idea number two.  A couple of you mentioned that you like to give flowers to plant with a note that says, "Thank you for helping me grow."  I thought that was a really cute idea so I made a printable for that one too.  Follow the instructions above.  It's also cropped to be a 5x7.

Then you could buy a little plantable flower (which would be really inexpensive) or you could buy cut flowers.

Have fun printing!  The next printable teacher idea will be something gift card oriented, since a LOT of you said that's what teachers really appreciate.  Thanks again for your input and ideas.  Thanks for reading, too. 


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