May 13, 2011

Feature Friday - Dry Erase Quiet Book

When I was out of town a couple of weeks ago Autie from iCandy Handmade did an awesome guest post HERE for a dry erase quiet book.  Remember?

I was really anxious to make one myself, so I finally put one together for Rex yesterday.  Here it is!

He was really exited to see a coloring page of himself.  I used Picnik for it (playing around with the following effects: pencil sketch, posterize, cross process, doodle with white selected to color over some of the unneeded dark areas, and dual something....if anyone needs more specific info on that I can provide it in another tutorial).

Baden also got a page.

Since I was making mine to be a church quiet book, I used the Nativity preschool pack from HERE.  If you haven't checked our her other preschool printables you need to.  They are HERE.

On another note, I bought the dry erase crayons but make sure you're using the pages in a binder and not using them loosely.  Rex had taken one page out and he colored on it and then flipped it over.  The color was all over his pants.  It did wash out, but it was everywhere.  Also, they are harder to wipe off than regular dry erase markers.  I think I like the markers better.  Just a tip.

Thanks again for the great idea Autie!  And thank you for reading.


Sarah said...

Cute! great idea to use the nativity printable! After the post here, I printed off other preschool packs to use with the dry erase crayons until I make a church one... which I really need to do.

And yes, I have found those crazyons get everywhere and are a mess! But, we haven't had any erasing problems AT ALL so I much prefer them to the markers that always end up on my girls' clothes! But, I do tell my girls to not push too hard when writing, maybe that makes a difference? And it doesn't erase well with fingers, but it has been fine with the cloth glove it came with!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

love it!

Emily said...

So cute! And YES, I'd love a more detailed tutorial about how to turn a picture into a coloring sheet. So neat!

Julie {BuildSewReap} said...

I'm definitely going to make one of these for my son, it drives me nuts how he makes about 3 marks on a page then decides he's done coloring. I'm eager to have something we can reuse.

I just did a little test and found the following results:

1: The regular Crayola Crayons (not marked "washable") make good marks and can be cleaned off using goo-gone (NOT goof-off) which is a pleasant orange oil that won't hurt kiddos. It isn't something to be used immediately, you'd have to clean the pages at home after the activity but it's an option.

2: The Crayola Crayons marked "washable" wiped off with firm pressure on a paper towel.

I too can't trust my little guy (3) with markers, especially not in his Sunday best. He seems to think it's really funny to write on his own face. He thinks it's funny to do with crayons too but the jokes on him - it doesn't actually leave a mark. ;)

Andrea said...

Love you blog. Congrats on the iPhone upgrade I'm pretty sure my whole life is in mine. Oh the app world is vast, some of my favs these days are pandora & eBay. Check out this post for more app love (including some great suggestions in the comments)

Anonymous said...

I use the dry erase crayons with my students and they are still learning the right pressure so they can be easily erased.

I have been thinking about making a quiet book for my 2 year old and I was struck by a modification. I have several of the cheap photo size albums and if I print things to 4x6 I can just slip them into those and the album will fit in my purse.

Thanks for the great ideas!

country girl chronicles said...

I finally got around to photographing and posting about my version of the quiet book. It has been such a lifesaver during church!


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