May 26, 2011

More Than I Can Chew

Things have been a bit crazy this week at our house.  I had an extra child staying with us for a few days while his mom went out of town for a funeral.  That sweet child broke his arm when I took him to the park Monday.  He's okay, but we had a long night waking up to give him medicine and take care of him.  Then the next night he went sleep walking into the bathroom and mistook the cupboards and rugs and the counter for the toilet.  Let's just say I had a lot of nasty clean up to do.  Well, he left today and now I'm trying to get my house back in order.  It's been a whirlwind and frankly, I need a little break.  I think I'm going to take off a couple of days here, but I'll be back soon with lots of projects.

I also wanted to take the time to thank you.  While I realize that I don't officially know most of you, I feel like I do.  When I'm having a rough time it's so nice to get a sweet, thoughtful comment from one of you.  It really changes my day for the better.  Thank you for that.  Thank you for helping me decide what flip flops to buy....or for sending me links to things you think Rex would like...or for dropping me a thoughtful email...or for jumping in to participate in Wake Up Wednesday and sharing your experience with me.....or for telling me how you tried out a tutorial here...or for letting me know you like stopping by my blog everyday....or for telling your friends about it.  I am truly grateful for all of you.  I feel blessed to have found something I love doing so much - something that helps me feel connected to others even when I'm just home with my boys.  Thank you for reading.

On a sidenote, a few of you asked for me to share my Pinterest name with you.  It's under Cheri Magill (my maiden name).  Also, a couple asked about instagram and I'm cherdoggiedog there.  Yeah, that's right.  Okay, that's all for today.  See you soon.


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