May 10, 2011

Sun and Sky Tee

Now that the weather is getting warmer I've realized I don't have a lot of short sleeve tees for the season.  So I'm trying to add some here and there without spending a lot of money.  Today I'm going to show you how I embellished a $5 tee to make this Sun and Sky Tee.  (I have to name it you know and the colors led me to that title.  Striped bow tee just didn't sound as fun :)

Here's the before.  It was cute, but I wanted to spice it up a bit.

I cut 1.5 inch strips from an old t-shirt (which was knot so it won't fray) and sewed them around the collar, pleated the fabric as I went.  I tried to sew down the middle of the strip and I used my hand to feel underneath, making sure I was centering the strips over the collar line.

It's not possible to use just one strip, but it's easy to hide where a new strip starts with the pleating.  I wanted the bow to be off to the side, so I left a space for it.  (I also tapered the strip at the end so it wouldn't stick out behind the bow at all.)

To make the bow I folded a strip like this.

Then I cut a thinner strip and wrapped it around the middle tightly.

I handstitched a few stitches on the back side, making sure to catch all the layers.

I set the bow where I wanted it so I could gauge where to sew the next strip.

Once all the strips were sewn down I added the bow, sewing right under the loop of the bow right where my finger is in the picture.  You can do it with your machine, but just be careful not to sew the top layer.  Do the same to the other loop.

That's all.  It was a quick project.

And just to keep it real, I didn't get a shower yesterday so I cropped my photos and unzipped my sleeper just enough to slip on this shirt and take a picture.  My husband came home to me in my jammies.....just like I looked when he left that morning, but the house was clean.  Yay!

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