May 15, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - cousins, sidekicks, and iPhones

We had a great week.  We had perfect weather at the end of the week, which gave us the chance to do some fun things.  We went to the park and brought a cousin (Cooper) along.  He's a year younger than Rex, but they are the same size (because I don't think Rex has grown one bit in the last year) and they love the same things. 

This week Rex decided is would be cool to wear all the watches he could find.  He's had like four up his arm the last few days.  (I told him he should wear a trenchcoat ask people in a raspy voice if they wanted to buy a watch.)  Anyhow, I knew his cousin love was strong when he decided to give one of his watches to Cooper.  (You can't see the watch arm in this picture because it's around his cousin.)  I just adore cousin love.

When I blog I sit on my couch with my laptop on my lap.  Occasionally I'll write a post while the boys watch a show.  One of them will always sidle up next to me and I love it.  Here's my view of Baden while I work.  I am so grateful to be home with them.  (And yes, he even has a crusty look on his face when he watches TV.)

Lastly, I got a toy this week....kind of a late Mother's Day present.  My phone contract ended and I found out I could get an iPhone with a new plan for $50.  So, I got one!  I feel a little old and out of touch because I actually had to learn how to use it.  I still have a lot to learn, but it's rockin' my little world.  Now I can even get your comments while I'm out and about!  And the camera is pretty impressive.  I took the cousin picture above with it.

Do you have an app you love and recommend?  So far I have Angry Birds (a must for Rex and my husband) and Dragon Dictation (which writes out everything I say).  Please give me the low down!

Thanks for stopping by.


Jodi Pharo said...

My favorite game on my phone is Drop 7. So addicting. I've been playing it every day for the last couple of years!

Revercomb said...

Color Splash is pretty cool. Also, Yelp is a nice App for finding things around, parks, stores, gasoline...basically anything.

BriBedell said...

For photography I love instagram, camera bag, and shakeitphoto! Pandora for music. Pinerest just came out with their app a few days ago, love that. As for the games for grown ups words with friends, shanghai lite, paper toss and cut the rope. The kids will love cut the rope too. Now if you want to get good children games can't go wrong with any of the duck duck moose created ones! I could go on and on! But those are good starters. Now don't forget shopping like the target, walmart, or amazon apps!

Anonymous said...

Pandora, Tour Wrist (go places without going there), Mobile RSS, Skype. Haven't really met an app I don't like. ;)

Shauna@shwinandshwin said...

I love those stylin' cousins with their cool shades and all. Plus any boy all about watches is just great. I also like to know that I am not the only one who occasionally writes a post while my kids watch a show, but yes I too love the fact that they crawl up write next to me, my son (4) will often ask "so mom how's the blog?" like he cares, it makes my day. As for the iphone, there are tons of great apps, but I find that my phone is in my kids hands more than mine, we finally got our son an ipod touch for Christmas just so we could reclaim our phones, they are great at keeping kids quiet at the grocery store, the netfix app is my favorite for that...

Katrina Gelino said...

Welcome to iPhone world. This is where your addiction begins. Muahahahaha! I did a couple posts on my blog about apps I like if you wanna check them out.

Anonymous said...

The apps I love: Around Me (locates helpful things near you), Digits (calculator that keeps a tape of what you've done - way easier to find mistakes!), Sit Or Squat (bathrooms near you!), Yelp (duh), all my credit card/banking companies, IMDB (amazing how often I want to know where I know that actor), Movie Scan (you scan them, and it keeps your movie collection so you know what you own), youtube (duh), Google (duh), Amazon Price Check (scan a barcode, tells you the price on Amazon [I use it to see if the store is a good deal or not]), (duh), Pandora (duh), Shazam (hold it up during a song and it'll tell you the name/artist), Remote (for when you're too lazy to change the song on iTunes from your computer), Facebook (duh)

Those are all the apps on my phone that I find helpful!

chasing keegan said...

If you love taking photo's then the app that you "must" have is the Hipstamatic camera app.

I LOVE it! It is so much fun. I promise you won't be sorry with this purchase.

Angry Bird Seasons is a must have for Angry Bird addicts.

Mama Up! said...

For the boys, you should check out iDrum by a company called Izotope. It's basically a mini drum machine, super easy to use, and I bet the boys would love it!

Lindsy said...

So I had the super awesome, maybe kinda long comment about the iPhone and apps and then there was a blogger error and I lost it all. So I'm going to list my top apps with a brief description. There are my can't live without apps :)

I am a HUGE apple fan and am so excited you got an iPhone, seriously easy to use. You'll get the hang of it in no time.

Organization Apps:
Wunderlist - easy list app that is free, well designed, easy to use and syncs effortlessly from phone to computer.

Grocery IQ - One of the first apps I got and I will never ever get rid of it. The thing with apps is there are a lot of choices and a lot of apps that do somewhat of the same thing. This is the best Grocery List/Store app in my opinion.

Photography Apps:
Camera+ - THE BEST CAMERA APP EVER, it's easy to use, has great settings (like timer, multiple shots, antishake) great easy to use filters. Save all pics into a lightbox and you can choose what pics from there to save to your camera. It's has replaced the camera app that came with the phone.

Instagram: like a social network for photography, very addicting and easy to use.

Some fun Apps:
Get glue: check into movies you're watching, music you're listening to. You then earn stickers that you can order physical copies of and it's all free. Doesn't take up a lot of time unless you want it to and it's just fun.

Pinterest: yes they have an iPhone app now!

IF you are a big texter and know a lot of friends with smart phones get KIK it's a free instant messenger, basically a free way to text.

One last one is Dropbox also free syncs between phone and computer and has saved me. If there's a pic on my computer and I want it on my phone without having to sync my entire phone by plugging it in just put it in the dropbox. You can also keep things in the dropbox like PDF's and view anywhere.

I have a MacBook, iPhone and iPad and I have my PDFs of my fav recipes in my dropbox and I can see them on any device. Plus it saves loads of paper by not printing out all the recipes I find online.

Hope this was helpful have fun with your new iPhone!!!!!! I could not live without mine now that I've had one for a couple years.

Oh and to find me on any of these apps like instagram or getglue it's lindsycarranza :D

Maegan said...

Sweet!! I am trying to talking my family into getting me one! ;) Here is something I have found really helpful concerning photo apps. This girl is the best and really knows her stuff! :) Be sure to check her out!

There you go!


Trevor and Sadie Scheffler said...

this is more of a funny one but i dont remember what it is called but when you go to a movie and you have to go to the bathroom this app tells you when a good time for you to go so you wont miss anything!!

Megan said...

My mom is a weight watchers teacher, and I found an AWESOME and FREE app for figuring points for food bought in the store. It's called WW ScanCalc (Weight Watchers Scan Calculator) It uses the phones camera to scan the bar code then pops up with the points per serving. Its very accurate, and did I mention FREE??

Megan said...

also, Urban Spoon is good for picking a place to eat or get a drink if you're not sure where to go. It is also free :D

Emilie Glyn said...

I am pretty new to the smart phone biz as well. Angry birds is a must for the boys, mine love it!
I am newly addicted to Words With Friends(Scrabble)!
Have fun!

Chels said...

Audiobooks (Free), you can download tons of free classics, kids books, etc... sometimes the readers aren't the best (because they are read by volunteers), but occasionally there is a great one. The girl who reads The Scarlet Pimpernel is really good! Download a free flashlight for sure, and there are lots of free metronomes and pitch pipes.

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

I have the ipod touch, but the apps are pretty much the same. I love love love pandora, a converter for measurements, cozi family organizer, a few fun kiddo games, lds apps, it's just fun to shop for them! And I haven't paid 1 penny for any of my apps. LOTS are free! Yay!

Anonymous said...

OMG I am an app addict and it is a super easy way to keep the kids entertained when you need to... at the docs or the supermarket!

I love words with friends and pacman. Log your run free LYRFree is awesome for tracking your route and progress running walking or biking! Music ID for identifying fave songs off radio etc has a quick link to itunes purchase.

Pocketbooth...the photo booth in your pocket so much fun.


blogpress for blogging.

My guy likes flick fishing and trucks and skulls (a kind of mans/boys angry birds!)

the kids LOVE the duck duck moose stuff it is sooooawesome!

animatch is cool

ABC shape puzzles are so much fun and lots of seasonal upgrades, preschool playground, pick up sticks, talking tomcat, jukebox, Preschool connect the dots. So many fun ones!

Happy app shopping!

Unknown said...

to get apps discounted or free check in with daily and for the kids check out the FB page there is a HUGE App party about to happen and lots and lots of free apps to won so check it out. I have got most of mine free or discounted!

Missy said...

I am lovin' the cousin love as well. Unfortunately all my boys cousin live in different states.
Don't feel too bad abou the iPhone. I do not have ne either or any smartphone for that matter. I do hope to get something soon. I would love to be able to get the scriptures on it and the lesson manuals. Mormon Channel is also a free app you can get. It would be cool to be able to pull my phone out instead of having to find the right verse in my quad.

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I have to second (or third, or fourth) Pandora, also Grocery IQ (though I'm not in love with their barcode reader anymore, but that's okay, I'm not brand loyal, I'm cheap, just like you). I love, Love, LOVE the Gospel Library, much church bag is about 10 pounds lighter now that I don't have to bring any manuals with me to church, and I could also cut down on the toys in the bag, because the kids just want to play games on my phone. My kids like Cut the Rope, Coloring, and MX Mayhem (these are all free). I like Tap Colors (also free, I told you, I'm cheap too!). And yeah, that's about it.

And don't feel slow about getting on the iPhone bandwagon, I just hopped on about a month ago. :)

Miranda said...

An app that my 3 year old loves, besides Angry Birds, is Fruit Ninja. If you put it on Zen Mode they can slash fruit forever! :)

Kimberly Grafton said...

The pocketbooth app is super fun! I totally love having a photobooth in my pocket all the time :)

CK said...

I just got an iPhone too and have been searching for an inexpensive case. Cute one on Etsy for $50 - was wondering if you had any luck. Thanks

Unknown said...

I just got the ipod 4 for free with reward miles, its the same thing but without the phoning. I am loving the facebook app (duh) Instagram (fun!) my hubby loves Angry Birds, Pinterest (duh!) and I'm looking for a good feed reader app so if you wind up with one, do tell.

Elizabeth said...

Hi there.. First time commenter, long time reader :)I'll get it out of the way...Thank you for your blog- it's made a wonderful impact on me and my life.. where were we- iphone apps! So many good ones. First is stanza it turns your iphone into a kindle I get to read in bed with no night light and it always saves my place when I fall asleep. You can set it to black back ground white text and make the font any size among other amazing features. The weather channel..I'm serious- how else would I know what the day will hold for my DS?I check it everyday to know the forecast. There is an app called "bargain bin" and it tells you when the apps that you want have hit a price that you are willing to pay...there is a "free"'s why I have great apps. I think Flixter is cool, it's rotten tomatoes for your phone. Lastly Groupon app, gorilla cam and the boy really likes talking Tom and talking Roby.I think all of the apps I mentioned are free actually, what do you know.. the best apps on(in) my iphone (life) are free!

I promise to one day upload pics of all the things you've inspired me to create.

Daniel, Sara, Dmitri & Paige said...

Okay... I have to post this. I saw your post about the Boom Bang Vans, and immediately fell in love with them! My son is big into superheros {currently Captain America}, so I had to follow the link and check them out. I was just at the Vans outlet by my house, and they had them on sale for $19.97. I'm in Hawaii - so they might be cheaper on the mainland. I was SO not expecting to see them there, since they're full price on the website. They also always do the buy one pair, get the second half off. But anywhos... just thought I'd mention it - since you're in UT, and there's a Vans outlet in Park City ;)
Also... my son would be SO envious of Rex's shoes in the park pic. He wanted those, but I opted for TOMS instead. LOL I feel like a mean mom! Though I did buy the Boom Bang Vans too - so I hope that makes me nice again X}

Yolanda-Jade said...

I like
-Waterslide (a game)
-Doodlejumps (game again :D)
-Cookie/coin/asian new year/etc.. dozer (they're pretty much the same game)
-FS5 Hockey (air hockey on the go!)
-Kobo & iBooks
-brainpop (its educational)

MotherMay said...

"LDS Library" is fabulous! Since you have kids you understand the juggling act you have to do when going to church and this app takes care of all your scriptures and hymns :)!! "Flixster" is another one of my favorites it shows you in the theaters around you what movies are playing, when they are playing, the rating, how long it is, and some have trailers. It also shows when certain movies will be out on DVD. Oh and I saw that someone else had mentioned the app about telling you when to pee during a movie it is called "RunPee" tells you the best part to skip and go pee during if you have to go and how long you have :) Enjoy


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