May 15, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - cousins, sidekicks, and iPhones

We had a great week.  We had perfect weather at the end of the week, which gave us the chance to do some fun things.  We went to the park and brought a cousin (Cooper) along.  He's a year younger than Rex, but they are the same size (because I don't think Rex has grown one bit in the last year) and they love the same things. 

This week Rex decided is would be cool to wear all the watches he could find.  He's had like four up his arm the last few days.  (I told him he should wear a trenchcoat ask people in a raspy voice if they wanted to buy a watch.)  Anyhow, I knew his cousin love was strong when he decided to give one of his watches to Cooper.  (You can't see the watch arm in this picture because it's around his cousin.)  I just adore cousin love.

When I blog I sit on my couch with my laptop on my lap.  Occasionally I'll write a post while the boys watch a show.  One of them will always sidle up next to me and I love it.  Here's my view of Baden while I work.  I am so grateful to be home with them.  (And yes, he even has a crusty look on his face when he watches TV.)

Lastly, I got a toy this week....kind of a late Mother's Day present.  My phone contract ended and I found out I could get an iPhone with a new plan for $50.  So, I got one!  I feel a little old and out of touch because I actually had to learn how to use it.  I still have a lot to learn, but it's rockin' my little world.  Now I can even get your comments while I'm out and about!  And the camera is pretty impressive.  I took the cousin picture above with it.

Do you have an app you love and recommend?  So far I have Angry Birds (a must for Rex and my husband) and Dragon Dictation (which writes out everything I say).  Please give me the low down!

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