June 17, 2011

Feature Friday - Freeze Pop Holders

Today's Feature Friday is really simple and fun.  I say these Freeze Pop Holders at Under the Table and Dreaming.  I thought my boys would like them. 

I used to freeze Go-Gurt for them, but they would complain that it was too cold and the napkin I wrapped around them would slide off.  I also bought them some Ironman freeze pops recently and they gave up eating them for the same reason.  Well, we can't let a good Ironman freeze pop go to waste, can we?  Rex and I whipped up a couple of popsicle cozies (as I started calling them) and tried them out.  (I had fun documenting it with my iPhone.)
This is a great beginning sewing project.  It only requires sewing two lines.  (We made ours a bit longer than the suggested length.)

Just click HERE for Stephanie's tutorial.

Thanks for reading.


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