June 26, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - hippos, toms, and luaus

There is something I love about seeing my kids enjoy some of the same things I enjoyed when I was a kid.  We were at my mom's the other day and they played an intense round of Hungry, Hungry Hippo with her.  I loved that game.  I love all the toys that never go out of style.

Thursday I woke up really sick with a horrible cold.  My throat hurt like never before and I had to whisper to my boys all morning rather than talking.  I was really grateful that they were patient with me.  I was also really thankful to wake up the next morning feeling normal again.  The body's ability to recover is amazing to me.

The next day I felt so good and then to top it off I got a surprise package in the mail.  My mother-in-law sent me a pair of Toms!  She is super thoughtful, generous, and hip.  I have wanted a pair for so long, but we've been trying not to spend any money.  I was ecstatic and touched.  Here they are.  I almost want to name them I like them so much!

I love the stripes down the side.

Lastly, we had a luau church party yesterday.  I put Baden in his Hawaiian shirt and he wanted me to do his hair.  He also insists on sunglasses when we're outside.  I just couldn't get enough of his look.  He reminded me of an old man on vacation.  We had snow cones and it was a good time.

And....I am super excited about Hair Week starting tomorrow.  See you then!

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