June 05, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - summertime, run ins, and birthdays

Rex had his last day of preschool this week.  Remember how he's been begging to wear goggles to school?  Well, the last day the teacher planned as a water fun day, so he finally got to wear them to school.  He was very, very, very happy about that.

I was at Ikea on Memorial day and I happened to run into Delia from Delia Creates.  She doesn't live close, so I've never met her before, but she is one of my favorite bloggers.  It was so fun to get to meet her in person.  She is absolutely darling.

Last weekend my little Baden turned 2!  It was fun, but it also made me a little sad.  I wish I could keep him at this age forever.  He is so sweet and fun.  His latest learned skill is playing dumb.  It goes something like this.

Me: "Baden, don't hit your brother."
Baden: (said in a really funny voice with a slight smirk) "Don't hit brother?  Ooooooh!" (with the inflection of I-totally-didn't-know-that)

I try me best to keep a straight face, but it's pretty hard.

Here's the birthday boy enjoying a donut.  I couldn't help but post the whole sequence.

Happy Birthday Bade.  You are such a joy.

Thanks for reading.  See you tomorrow.


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