July 01, 2011

Short Haircuts and Styles and Ellie G from Less Cake More Frosting

First off, it's time to announce the winner of Christina's ebook.
Our random winner is Callie who said:
"I would love to win! After turning 30 last month I decided it was finally time to learn how to style my long hair. Love the video and will have to try this during naps today!"

(Drop me an email Callie and we'll send the ebook your way.)

Sadly, Hair Week is coming to an end.  Today I'm giving a salute to the gorgeous, confident women who rock short hair.  Every once in a while I see a short cut that makes me think about chopping of all my locks in that very moment.  So, to start today I've made a collage of some short styles I love. 

(I'm sorry I haven't linked the photos, but they are all small photos that have been passed around the internet and I can't find the original sources.)

This one is kind of edgy and I love it.  Here are a few angles of it.

If you're even more gutsy, here are some fun, bold looks.

This one isn't a look I could pull off, but I love how she rocks the striped headband and the chunky streaks.  It's pretty fun.

When you search for shirt hair styles, there are a billion pictures of Rihanna that come up.  The girl can really sport a bold short look.

And frankly, I think short hair makes her a thousand times more noticeable and gorgeous.  The longer hair makes her blend in, if you ask me.

Next up I wanted to introduce you to a blogger with some seriously cute hair.  The last time I went to a blogger meet-up, Lara was there and EVERY WOMAN THERE went on and on about how stinkin' cute and sassy Lara's hair was.  So let's hear a bit from Lara (who goes by Ellie G) and her blog is called Less Cake More Frosting.  (Doesn't that blog title make you instantly love her?)  Welcome Lara!

Hello "I Am Momma Hear Me Roar" readers! I am so excited that Cheri asked me to come and visit for hair week! My name is Lara. But on my blog I usually go by {Ellie G}. And I totally answer to both. I blog at Less Cake {more frosting}
My blog is not usually about my hair. It's usually about things I LOVE....like Diet Coke, and frosting, and Mod Podge, and what-not. Notice that my "hair" is not on that list! 

Why? You might be wondering?  Well....it's because my hair and I have never really gotten along very well.  As a kid, I had SUPER curly hair. And my Mom didn't really know what to do with it. So she just kept it super short.
And curly hair, that's short, just turns into a giant puff ball. {read:Not cute!}

I spent most of my Junior High days growing out the puff ball and trying to figure out how to style my curly hair.  (And not be called "cobra", which became my nickname)

And I spent most of my High School figuring out how to get my curls as CRISPY as possible so that they would stay together and not get frizzy.
(and in sub-zero temps; wet, curly, crispy hair...is almost breakable. A little known fact.)

Why all this background on my hair woes? Well, because the trials I've had with my own hair, have led me to TONS of practice on styling it. I have tried LOTS of different products and LOTS of different styles. And currently.....I'm rockin' the short hair cut....and LOVING it this time.
(no puff ball hair styles...although I can totally achieve that!)

"Short hair" means different things to different people. Some people DIE that they cut a quarter inch off their long locks. That's not what I'm talking about today. I'm talking short. Above your shoulders, and even above your chin.

Some Celebs really rock the short hair cuts. In fact that's usually where I get all my inspiration for a new "do." (all celebrities pics are from HERE)

The "bob" is so much fun because you can control the amount of "A-line". (the difference in length from the back to the front) You can have a really severe A-line (like Victoria Beckham has had in the past) or you can do a slight A-line for a more sophisticated look.

I have tried this look several times. And it's one of my FAVORITES! If you do it from long hair, it seems like a DRASTIC change. (I adore a good drastic change!)

But it's also not quite as daring as a super short cut. So, be brave and try it. You can do it at a lot of different lengths, even almost shoulder length. But I love right around the chin line.

(here's just ONE of the times I tried this hair cut. I also tried a kind of red-ish color that was super fun for the summer)

If you've mastered the "medium length" short style. Try going even shorter. This was a haircut I tried to go even shorter than my "bob" cut. The key to this cut is tons of razor cut layers. And they really are fun to play with! Especially with the right styling tools. (keep reading for my favorites!)

The next time I was ready for a change.....I found inspiration from the beautiful Rhianna. I LOVE her hair. Especially when it's really short. The key to this one, is keeping the length on the top so you can achieve the sweeping bangs.

Here's what I ended up with. Mine isn't quite as short as Rhianna's is in this picture. But we used it as a guide.

I LOVED this cut. It has been one of my favorites....ever!  Now if you're really wanting to sport the SHORT. You can definitely find some inspiration out there. Emma Watson recently cut her's way off. And I really like this pixie cut on Jennifer Goodwin.

I actually just cut mine yesterday. Again! Can you believe it? It's not QUITE this short. But awful close.  I really feel like the keys to having really short hair are:
  • OWN IT! Other people will love it if they can tell you love it too.
  • Have fun with the color. My husband says he needs LOTS of ties because they are the only part of his daily outfits that he can change. Since short hair doesn't have quite as many styling options....I like to use the color for a little change.
  • Accessorize! The only problem I have with my short hair, is sometimes it makes me feel a little less girly. When I feel that way I throw on a huge pair of earrings. Or a fun flower in it. And that feeling goes right away!
And finally....and MOST important.....find some good styling products!  Especially if you're like me, and have to style your hair A LOT!  (one myth is that short hair is so much EASIER to manage. Well, for me, it's not. And there's no "pony-tail" option when you have a short hair cut)

Good products are super important.
  • I have a salon quality straightener. I cannot live without it. And no grocery store brand will work. I've tried. Most beauty supply stores will guarantee their straighteners for at least a year. So the cost usually is worth it!
  • Next, for me: because I have super frizzy hair......is a frizz serum. I like this one from Paul Mitchell because it smells super yummy!
  • After that I use another smoothing product. This would not be necessary if you don't have curly or frizzy hair. In fact, for normal hair, I'd skip the serum, and go straight to this stuff. It just helps your short layers lay down so pretty!
  • And finally....the fun part! To get different looks, I use a texturizing taffy. If I want it super smooth, I skip this. But for a piece-ee or layer-ee look....this is the stuff! Some days I use it....some days I don't. (that makes me want an Almond Joy....sometimes you feel like a nut....sometimes you don't!)

There you have it. Some ideas for cutting your hair short. And the things I LOVE to use on my short hair! I still may grow it out one day. But I'll tell you.....I have NEVER gotten as many comments on my hair, as I have since I CHOPPED it off! Even when it was super curly.

And plus, both my Grandpa, Dad, and husband are short-hair guys. They love it. And that makes me love it.

Don't be afraid to try a short-do, girls!! It's only hair.
If you don't like it, it will grow back. But what if you L-O-V-E it? What if??? You'll never know if you never try!

Thank you Lara!  Don't you love her hair?  It is stop-her-in-the-grocery-store-to-tell-her CUTE!  Thanks for all the tips, too!

Lastly, I wanted to do a quick tutorial for a fun little braid you can do even if your hair is short.  I do this to get my bangs out of the way when I go to the gym.  I had seen this braid that runs over the hairline and I finally figured out how to do it.  Victory!  Here it is.

 (Also, we made this video really quickly, so the braid isn't perfect.  When you aren't racing, you can position it over the hairline more, which looks really cool.  Hers ended up being a little bit pushed back.)

Short hair rocks.  You can get a new look just by changing your part, trying a new product, or adding a clip or headband.  I had super short hair my first year in college.  There's something empowering about having short sassy hair.  Its takes guts, but I think it can make such a beautiful statement.

Well, farewell Hair Week.  You've been a lot of fun.  I was thinking of having a link party at the end of next week to show off any of the hairstyles you guys have tried.  What do you think?  Yeah?  No?  Let me know.  I think it could be fun.

Thanks for all your fun comments and support this week.  You guys rock.


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