July 10, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - the 4th and my birthday boy

This week it was nice to have a little break with the 4th.  They do a parade and a little carnival in our neck of the woods.  Rex got to ride on the train and get his face painted.  I am grateful for the great privilege it is to live in a free country (and also thankful for a day off to celebrate it). 

My little Rex turned four this week.  It's hard to believe he's already four.  We didn't have a party, but we had dinner with my family the other night and my sister's kids all made decorations in Rex's honor.  It was adorable.

They even made him a party hat, but it was a little bit big so my husband wore it instead.  It was snug, but very stylish :)

Want to see my crafty birthday cake?  I bought a cake from Costco and stuck some figurines on top of it.  He was ecstatic.

My little baby is growing up.

He's no longer napping.  He's picking up on way too much from conversations.  He's teaching his brother a lot (some good and some bad).  He's learned how to smooth talk.  He's got amazing climbing skills.  He has hilarious dance moves.  Best of all....he's all ours.  I'm so thankful for all he's brought into our lives.

Thanks for reading.


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