July 31, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - my birthday

Yup, that's right.  Today is my birthday.  I am thirty-two.  It feels like a lot, but I am really happy with life at thirty-two.  I still feel young.  I have a beautiful family I adore.  Life is good.  I feel truly content and blessed.  I hope to live many more years, giving myself time to become the person I want to be.  I am well aware of my weaknesses and I am so grateful for time.  Time to grow and improve.  Time to enjoy all the little moments and victories along the way.  Time to stretch.

My husband and I got to celebrate this weekend.  We got time to ourselves and time with the boys.  It was perfect.  He even indulged me as I got out my iPhone to take pictures all the time.  Here we are at a fun little burger joint.

We spent the night up at Snowbird (a local ski resort).  We did some fun activities there and brought the boys back later in the day to play with us.  They loved riding up the chairlift.  We hiked a little at the top of the mountain.  What a view!

Even though it was only one night it felt like the perfect mini-vacation.  We haven't been on an sort of vacation in over a year and a half, so this was really appreciated!  Here's my favorite picture of the day.

I'll be stuffing myself with cake today and then it's back to normal life.  Thanks for reading.


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