July 03, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - water, trax, and my iPhone

Rex got introduced to a slip and slide this week and he fell in love.  He hasn't stopped talking about when we can use it again.  This picture perfectly depicts boyhood fun to me.....running in the water with a little puppy following behind him.  Good times.

Rex has been very happy to have more reasons to use his goggles.

We took the Trax to the downtown mall that has a splash area the other day.  The boys loved riding on a train.  Here's Baden waiting for the train.  He was ecstatic.

We had a friend come along that my boys adore.  She's amazing.

The fountains at the mall were a hit with Rex.

And Rex tried to convince Baden it was fun.

Lastly, I am grateful for my iPhone.  I know it's just a device, but it has a pretty decent camera that enables me to take pictures I never would have taken because I didn't want to bring my big camera - like these shots of my boys at our favorite store.  They love sitting on the balls before we go in and when we're on our way out.

I love being able to capture the ordinary and common things in our day to day life.  I actually took all the pictures in this post with my iPhone.  Sweet, huh?

What were you grateful for this week? 


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