August 11, 2011

Cassie's house - the kitchen

My little sister Cassie recently moved into her first home.  They completely renovated it and it's beautiful.  This is one of several posts, showing the makeovers.  Her commentary will be italicized and mine will be in normal print.  Welcome to Cassie's house.

Okay, today is the day you've been waiting for.  I'm going to show you Cassie's remodeled kitchen.  I love it because it's exactly what I've been dying to do to my kitchen for a couple of years - pale turquoise walls and white cabinets.  Okay, I'll stop the blabbing and get on with the show.

Here we go.









And here are a few more shots from different angles.

Here's what went on.  The flooring was ripped out.  The floors weren't bad, but she wanted wood throughout the family room as well and there was no way to match it.  The wallpaper and chair rail were removed.  The faux-painted ivy with birds had to go as well.

She kept the existing countertops to minimize costs.  The cabinets were painted white.

The cabinets were given new hardware (from Home Depot).

I believe the canisters were from TJ Max.

The curtains are rectangular tableclothes on clearance from Target and then she added some fabric for more length and hung them with clips.

She also cover the barstools in the same fabric (the tablecloth).  The stools were bought second hand and originally had wicker seats.  My dad cut some wood to create a new seat, my sister cut foam for the seats and covered them with the fabric as well as thin plastic to avoid stains from little hands.

The board and batten is made entirely of MDF sheets that my dad ripped (cut into strips).   The strips were attached with a nail gun.  The board and batten is my very favorite part of the house remodel.  (You can see her sneaky little puppy under the table.)

I love how he did two boards and the molding at the top.  It makes it really pretty and unique.

The little light above the sink was replaced.

Simple accessories add a pop of color.

The sink was also replaced.

And that's about it.  It's simple, bright, and clean.

Here's one last look.

As usual, my sister will try to answer any questions you might have in the comment section.  Thanks for reading.


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