Best Baby Gates for Stairs 2024

When babies start crawling or making their first few steps around the house, it becomes very difficult to contain them in one place. However, you do not have to. You can simply baby-proof your house to ensure it is safe for the baby to explore. Some of the places you need to watch out for are the staircases in your house. You can prevent your baby from tumbling down the staircase by using baby gates for stairs.

These gates are barriers that are put at the top and at the bottom of the staircase to protect babies from falling down the stairs and hurting themselves. If you have a multi-storied house with stairs, and a baby who has learnt how to move around the house, then it’s time to consider putting up a stair gate. The gates will restrict their movements to the stairs, thus keeping them safe from falling. Safety gates come in different sizes depending on your baby’s age and where they will be used. Let’s take a look at some of the different gates on offer.

Considerations When Choosing a Baby Gate

Consider the Measurements of the Opening

Before purchasing a safety gate, you need to take the width for both the top of the stairs and the bottom. This way, you will know the size of the gate that will fit perfectly, when ordering one.

How you want to Fix your Gate

You can choose between a permanently fixed gate and a temporary one, which is mostly pressure mounted. If you are living in a rental or you need a gate for temporary use, then you can opt for a pressure mounted baby gate. However, there are permanent gates that can only be installed by drilling the wall.

Opening and Closing Options

There are dozens of options to choose from for the gate’s opening and closing option. You can find one that swings open on both sides, one that closes automatically or ones that you need to open and close manually.

Materials Used

You can choose between steel and wood – each has it’s own benefits and drawbacks so read on to find out more about the different gates on offer.

Best Baby Stair Gates in 2024

1. Retractable Safety Gate

The gate is made of a tough and washable mesh fabric that is see-through. Mounting it on the wall is quite easy as it comes with the necessary hardware and a cut-out measuring guide. It is easy to close and open the gate using one hand, and it is suitable for both the top and the bottom of the stairs.

This is by far the best retractable baby gate as it contains a child-proof lock that prevents your baby from opening the gate on their own. The gate can be extended up to 48 inches, and when not in use, the mesh can carefully be rolled up to create more space in your house.

this is an image of a child and a dog behind the new retractable gate for stairs doors and more.


2. Regalo Easy Step Gate

This is one of the best pressure mounted baby gates that is made of steel. Installation takes a few minutes, and the gate comes with all the hardware necessary to pressure mount it on the wall. It can be expanded to fit a width of up to 38.5 inches making it the best choice as a top of stair gate.

The Regalo top of stairs baby gate has a safety lock feature that is easy for adults to open in one hand. It is a walkthrough gate making it convenient to pass through when you are holding items in your hand.

this is an image of a mom watching over her child with the help of the extra wide walk thru baby gate.


3. Regalo 192 Inch Extra Wide Gate

This super wide gate has shaping possibilities thanks to the eight 24-inch panels connected to hinged posts, that creates up to 19 square feet of enclosed space. The panels can be removed or configured to fit any stairway. It is a walk through gate with a safety locking feature that you can easily open by releasing the lever in a single touch.

This steel gate is among the best baby gates as it stands 28 inches tall and offers a lot of flexibility in how it can be used. It is easily mounted on the wall and can be folded to save up on space, when not in use.

this is an image of a child with the super wide adjustable gate.


4. Summer Infant Deco Extra Tall Gate

Standing at 36 inches tall, the Summer Infant Deco is one of the tallest baby safety gates. It can be extended up to 45 inches, and it comes with a dual locking feature on both sides. It is a walk-through gate that closes automatically when you pass through it.

You can choose to pressure mount the metal gate, if you are using it temporarily, or use the hardware mounts that come with it. It can be used as top of stairs gate when it is securely mounted using the hardware mounts. The gate can open on both sides, but there is a removable door stopper that you can use to prevent the door from opening towards the staircase, when you mount the gate at the top of stairs.


5. North States 72″ Wide Gate

This tall metal gate is one of the best top of stairs baby gate. It is made of a durable metal and a beautiful bronze finish, which will complement the beauty in your home. It has a convenient stay-open feature and a wide opening of up to 25.5 inches, which makes it convenient for you when moving items through the gate. It can also easily be operated with a single hand. For extra security for your child, the North States 72-inch gate has a double locking feature. It comes with hardware mounts to fix on either a straight wall or an angled wall. You can separately purchase extra panels to extend the width of the safety gate.

this is an image of a mom playing with her children inside the 72-inch deluxe baby gate.


6. Safety 1st Easy Install Gate

This is also one of the best pressure mounted gates. It is easy to install as it does not need any hardware for installation. Its magnetic latch feature allows the gate to close and automatically lock itself each time you pass through. It can cover a stairway of up to 38 inches. Its 28-inch height and its vertical bars will keep your baby safe from tumbling down the stairs.

With a color-coded Secure Tech indicator, it is easy to tell whether the gate is safely locked or not. It is a silent walk-through gate that allows you to make discreet movements through it. The pressure mounts can be fastened to provide extra safety which makes it suitable as a top of stairs baby gate no drill.

this is an image of a white auto close baby gate.


7. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

This pressure mounted 27-inch tall gate can be expanded up to 60-inch wide. The pressure mounts have rubber bumpers to ensure your wall is not damaged during installation. This lightweight gate is made of a metal and a durable mesh cloth. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry around. The Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate is one of the best baby gates for bottom stairs. Its pressure mounts are not strong enough to be used at the top of the stairs. However, the mesh cloth is quite soft, making the gate suitable for younger babies.

this is an image of a wide, lightweight and portable baby gate.


8. Cumbor Auto Close Safety Gate

The Cumbor Auto Close Safety Gate has all the qualities of top rated baby gates. With a height of 30.5 inches and a width of 38.5 inches, this gate has a wide walk-through gate of 23.6 inches, which convenient to walk through when holding your baby or any other items. This gate has a small pet gate to lock in or lock out pets. The two gates have a double locking system that adds extra safety to your baby. Its pressure mounts make it easy to install. All four pressure mounts can be fastened to create a more secure fit.

his is an image of a mom carrying her child while opening the auto close and extra tall walk thru gate with pet door.


9. Regalo Extra Tall and Wide Safety Gate

For additional security, this gate has been built with a height of 37 inches. The gate comes with pressure mounts that makes installation easy and quick. The gate is easy to close, and it has a safety lock that can be unlocked using one hand only. It is a suitable baby gate for bottom stairs, and when not in use, you can easily fold it away for storage or to create extra space. It comes with a stylish wood finishing that will complement your home decor. This all steel Regalo gate is suitable for babies up to 36 months old.

this is an image of a mom carrying her baby behind the 37-inch tall walk thru baby gate. ,


10. Summer Infant Wooden Gate

This is a secure wood gate. Its features make it one of the best stair gate for babies. The gate can only be mounted using four points hardware mounts. It stands at 32 inches and can cover a width of up to 48 inches, making it ideal for the top of the stairs. It comes with a precision fit template to help you mount it on your wall without taking any measurements, making it easy for you to install.

The gate can be opened on either side, but you can use the door stopper to prevent it from opening on both sides. You can also easily lock and unlock the gate using one hand.

this is an image of a wooden deluxe stairway gate.


11. Dreambaby Chelsea Security Gate

The Dreambaby Chelsea Security Gate is a unique safety gate with both the auto close and the stay-open feature according to your preference. If you are frequently passing through the gate, then you can use the stay-open feature which will be convenient for at the moment. You can also use the auto close feature once you are done with the frequent movements.

This 29.5-inch tall gate can expand up to 42.5 inches. However, if you can purchase extra panels separately if you wish to expand it further. This safety gate can be pressure mounted, or you can use the optional hardware mounts when mounting it at the top of the stairs.

 this is an image of an extra wide auto close white gate.


12. Evenflo Black Metal Gate

Evenflo is a trusted brand that makes strong and durable stair gates. The Evenflo Black Metal Gate is among the best gates on the market. You can mount it using the pressure mounts or the hardware mounts, which will turn it to a safety gate for top of stairs. It has a wide width of between 28 inches to 48 inches, and it stands at 36 inches tall.

This Evenflo top of stairs gate has a classy black finish, which adds a stylish look to your interior decor. It can be opened on either side and automatically closes itself behind you. It has quiet hinges that ensure the gate is opened and closed quietly.

this is an image of a black metal walk thru gate.


13. Summer Infant Modern Decorative Gate

Here is a safety gate with a stylish look. It has a decorated arched gateway that will add style to your house. The gate has both the auto close feature and the stay-open feature to help you move through it more conveniently. It comes with pressure mounts for quicker installation. This decorative gate is 42 inches wide and 30 inches tall. It is a walk through gate that is easy to use and provides maximum protection for your active baby. It is excellent for using at the bottom of the stairs.

this is an image of a 28-42 inch modern walk thru baby gate.


14. Munchkin Aluminum Baby Gate

This gate can be opened on both sides, and it has a double locking system that is easy for adults to open but quite difficult for baby to open. It can only be mounted using hardware mounts that come with the gate. The gate can be adjusted up to 40 inches wide, and it has a height of 30.5 inches.

It has a stylish aluminum finish that makes it look glamorous. It is a convenient walk-through gate that is suitable for frequent movements. You can easily dislodge the gate when not in use.

this is an image of an aluminum baby gate for stairs, doors and more.



Overall Best Buy

The Safety 1st Easy Install Gate is our top pick for several reasons. Mainly, the color code on this gate is quite impressive. You can easily tell from a distance whether the gate is locked or not. This is a security measure to constantly remind you to lock the gate in case you forget. The magnetic latch on the safety 1st Easy to Install Gate is also a great feature. The gate closes behind you and latches on the magnet for extra security. Its 28-inch tallness and the vertical bars prevents your active child from climbing over the gate.


What are the Different Types of Stair Gates?

There are a variety of baby gates for stairs.

Top or Bottom of Stairs? – You can choose gates according to where it will be used. Most gates that are pressure mounted are suitable for bottom of stairs, while those that are hardware-mounted are mostly suitable for top of stairs baby gates, due to their firm grip on the wall.

Material Used – Some baby safety gates are made up of a metal and a cloth, while others are only made up of only metal. Other gates are made of wood. All these are suitable and certified for use. You can choose between the best baby gates for stairs with banisters or baby gate for bottom of stairs with only one wall.


When Do I Need to Use a Baby Gate?

When your baby starts to move around the house, by crawling or walking, then you need to use a baby gate for their safety. Baby gates for stairs prevent babies from falling off the staircase when they walk around the house. Falling down the stairs can cause serious injuries that is why you need a baby gate for stairs to restrict your baby from going near the staircase.


Are Baby Safety Gates Adjustable?

Yes, many are adjustable. According to the width specifications of the gate you can adjust it to fit the stairway opening. It is, however advisable to measure the width of your stairway opening before purchasing your saftey gate. This prevents you from buying a smaller gate, which will not fit your opening.

Some stair gates can be extended by separately purchasing the panels, which can be added to the gate.