August 19, 2011

Feature Friday - 101 T-shirts

For today's Feature Friday I tried a shirt from this book that was sent to me.

Cathy Filian is an Emmy nominated tv host, crafter, inventor, designer and book author. This is her newest book, 101 Tee's: Restyle, Refashion, Revamp.  It's full of ideas for transforming t-shirts.

I saw this shirt and thought the idea was fun.

So, I made this one.  (I would recommend making much smaller slits than indicated.  I sewed the shirt and scarf near the slits because the slits were too large.)

This shirt was my favorite in the book.

The book covers various techniques like iron on patches, sequins, bleaching, dying, embroidery, etc.  There are lots of pictures and ideas. 

Thanks for dropping in.


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