August 26, 2011

Feature Friday - spraypainted clothespins

Today's project is crazy simple and I'm pretty happy about it because I killed 3 birds with one stone. 

BIRD #1: Remember my strange obsession with wanting chip clips?  Quite a few of you mentioned that clothespins are the perfect inexpensive solution.  Duh!  Why didn't I think of that? 

BIRD #2: I have these cute glass conatiners on my kitchen counter that I've been wanting to fill with something.  I wanted it to be something bright and colorful, but not something like gumballs because I knew my kids would beg to eat them non-stop.

BIRD #3: I needed a Feature Friday post.

So, how did I kill the birds?  (We're not talking literally folks.  I like birds and there weren't any birds harmed during the preparation of this post.)  I remembered the Dana from Made spray painted some clothespins HERE, to use when displaying her sewing projects.  So, I bought a cheap bag of clothespins and whipped out my can of spray paint.

Then I filled the glass jar with them so I can pull them out when I need to. 

The chips, the bags in the freezer, and everything that opens is getting a clothespin slapped onto it now.  My kitchen will be the freshest place around.  Wahoo!  (I bet you didn't think anyone could get that excited about clothespins, huh?)

And my kitchen centerpiece is finally complete.  (Well, I still have one more glass container to fill.  Got any ideas? candy.)

And, in case you're wondering, the crate was from an antique shop, the tiered fruit stand is from Target, the glass containers were from TaiPan (in Utah) a while back.

That's it.  Thanks for your help.  You readers rock.


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