August 09, 2011

Gallery wall

My little sister Cassie recently moved into her first home.  They completely renovated it and it's beautiful.  This is one of several posts, showing the makeovers.  Her commentary will be italicized and mine will be in normal print.  Welcome to Cassie's house.

Today we're going to take a look at the stairway gallery wall my sister and I just finished.  This wall was a beast.  The wall had been wallpapered and then painted over.  My sister spent a LOT of time peeling away the paper in one inch squares.  Don't ask her about it.  It was a rough one :)  Here's the wall with part of the wall paper gone.


As mentioned before, the railings were all changed.

Here's the view as you enter her home.

The new stairs are so pretty.

Here's a low down on the different things on the wall.

There are some framed old keys.  I always think framing objects looks cool.  (Sadly, the specimen art needs a little repair.)

The black and white pictures of the knobs above and building below are pictures I took of the Salt Lake temple (which are also available in my etsy shop). 

The black and white canvas is a picture of her husband's grandparents they had blown up.


The knobs are from Pier One, but she painted them purple.  They were originally different colors.

We added a little vinyl to fill in an empty space.

I painted and glazed this thrift store frame and we cut some vinyl like the one in my house.

This mini-corbel is from an antique shop.

I think that's about it.

For more gallery wall ideas you can go HERE to see the one I did on my stairway.

Thanks for reading!


Jennifer said...

Can I hire you guys to come and give me some design tips?? LOL! Love the knobs...great for hanging up ypur purse when you come in the house. And just the diffent colors and textures make it so visually appealing. Great job :)

Unknown said...

love this house!!!
Me gusta leer tu blog, original y creativo. El día que me cambie de casa pediré consejo a ti.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blown up picture of the grandparents! That is my favorite part of the wall!! Nothing like putting a precious piece of the past in the present. We are getting ready to buy a new house and I am going to use your gallery wall ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!

Sandie said...

That turned out fabulous!!! And can I just say I adore your yellow purse? :)

SflMum said...

Loving all the creativity!!! I especially love the last name initial with the establishment date on it.

Ange said...

Love this! Where did she get the 7 sign? That's our family number too. :)

Susan said...

Looks great! I love the purse hangers, mine always gets dropped by the door. And I feel your pain with the wallpaper. It's been years and I still don't want to talk about my old bathroom, haha!

Ash Nichols said...

Really beautiful!

The Tuckerbag

MandyJoyLoves♥ said...

Just bought our 1st home and this gallery wall is wonderful inspiration! Thank you! :)

Missy said...

This is gorgeous. I can't wait to have my own house so I can do things like this.

Whitney said...

I am loving your series! Your sister's home is beautiful. (And your's is, too.) :) So inspiring.

Thanks for sharing!

:) Whitney @

Anonymous said...

very nice. i love the "come what may" and the hook for the purse!!

The Miller Five said...

Very cool Cheri. Very cool. I could do something like that, but it'd look like a crazy mess!

When we finally buy our house, will you come out and help me decorate? I'll pay for your plane ticket and did I mention I am a superb cook? :)

Jo said...

The entry turned out so darling! Love all the variety in the gallery. The wallpaper was a beast but obviously so worth the effort. I love the changes to the stairs and rails, etc. Looks like a new home.

Heather Balaam said...

Just started following you and I love this entry way! So beautiful.

I have a blog as well:)

Stacy said...

I am so inspired by the simple elegancy of this house! I have the perfect wall in mind and I am taking to heart your comment about not doing it overnight. I tend to be an instant gratification kind of a girl when it comes to house stuff. I am going to sit down in front of my wall and start sketching soon!!'s the only way I can get a visual ahead of time to give me direction!!

Netta said...

The mismatched things go SO beautifully together, and as Stacy mentioned in the comment above, it looks so elegant! I'm inspired!
Thanks for sharing.

The Fear Fam said...

Adorable! I love the "come what may" and the picture of the grandparents.

Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

What colors of paint did you use for the rail? The brown and white? Thanks!

iammommahearmeroar said...

Heidi: The railing is varnished. It's a dark walnut (I believe) with poly urethane in it. The white is the same white she used everywhere. It's polar bear white by Behr.


I Gotta Try That said...

Wow you are so talented! Love your site. I am your newest follower. I would love for you to com visit my blog sometime!
Marcie @

Unknown said...

I really love all the different items and texture in this layout. I have featured this gallery wall on my blog as one of my favorites:

Maggie @


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