August 21, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - bikes, pictures, school, and memories

Ever since Rex learned to ride a two-wheeler last week it's been the only thing he wants to do.  Our neighborhood has steep hills, so we head to the park before it gets hot and they ride and ride.  I love this picture because Rex and his bike look so tiny.  His excitement has been a blessing this week.

Baden can peddle a trike seriously fast.  (He's got to keep up with his big brother, you know.)  I love watching his chunky legs go round and round so quickly.

And here's one more bit of Instagram fun from last week. I love playing with my iPhone photos.

I've also been loving some alone time with Baden while Rex is at school. Being the second child, he is a billion times easier to entertain. He's just content to do almost anything.

Lastly, I was super-duper grateful for the video Jenfolio did for us this week.  Thank you so much for your kind responses to it.  The boys have watched it over and over and so have I.  In fact, if you want to share the video with others please feel free to link it or embed it in a post or facebook it.  It's a message I'd love to share everyone. 

Thanks for being here.


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