August 07, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - cousins, kisses, and you

This past week my sister and her family were in town.  (I have three sisters if you're counting.)  That meant the for the first time in two and a half years we had the whole family together.  It was really fun to see all the cousins running around together.  I got to snap some pictures, too.

My sister took this shot of me kissing Baden.  I love to smoosh my face up against his soft chunky cheeks and the best part is that he lets me.  It's one of my very favorite hobbies.

I wonder where I get that from.

Last but not least, I am grateful for all of you.  Thanks for your sweet, thoughtful comments yesterday.  I feel lucky to have friends like you who make me think, laugh, and appreciate life.

Thanks for dropping in.


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