September 22, 2011

Color Scavenger Hunt and Nature Bracelet

Before we get started today, let's announce our Pick Your Plum winner:

Kristen who said:  Who can't use crafting supplies. Ooh, they would be so fun!


One of my friends at I Love to Create asked if I had any project ideas for kids using their new dry adhesive products.  So, I thought up a couple of ideas and I'm excited to share them with you today.  These products work great with kids because there's no mess.  Nice.

The first idea was a Color Scavenger Hunt.  I cut up a cereal box into the shape of a artist's palette and then I drew circles and labeled them with a color name.

I let Rex color in the circles with the right color.

Then I had him use glue dots, applying one to each circle.  (They are kind of hard to see.)

Then we headed outside to search for all the colors.  He picked up something in each color and stuck it to the glue dot.  It was really fun and he got pretty into it.

I love how his little palette looked after we were done.

For my younger son, I made a Nature Bracelet.  (My older son did something like this last year in preschool, which gave me the idea.)  I cut a strip of paper about an inch longer than the circumference of his wrist.  I applied three lines of the tacky line roll to it.

I wrapped it around his wrist so that the overlapped part stuck to the other side of the bracelet.  

While Rex searched for colors Baden picked up anything he liked and stuck it to his little bracelet.  The adhesive sticks well enough that he could even stick acorns to it.

He thought is was pretty cool.

These activities took very little time to prepare and my boys really enjoyed them.  It's great weather for a little scavenger hunt right now too.  There were still flowers to collect and plenty of leaves starting to turn colors.

So enjoy this prefect weather while it lasts!  Thanks for reading.


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