September 23, 2011

Feature Friday - arm warmers, take two

A year ago I did a Feature Friday on arm warmers.  You can see it HERE.  Well, I was rummaging through my craft room the other day and I saw four pairs of super cute knee socks I had purchased on clearance a while back.  Autumn is when we bust out arm warmers for the boys around here, so I thought I'd show you this idea again - plus the new ones I just made.

The concept is turning knee socks into arm warmers, though most people do this to create baby leg warmers.  I don't have girls or even babies right now, but we love them as cute layers under t-shirts.  The boys can whip them off when it gets warmer in the afternoon.  

Plus, they are fun to coordinate with shirts.  

Here's a mini-tutorial, in case you want to make some.  Cut as much of the sock off as possible.

Cut off the heel and toe.   

Fold that part in half, creating a cuff.  

Then pull it over the long sock part, stitch, and then roll it down.  They are really simple to make. 

Then find a shirt that matches and enjoy your warm arms.

Thanks for reading.


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