September 15, 2011

Etched Kitchen Table

I'm at HERE Project Run and Play today and while I'm still waiting for my internet to get set up my sister Leca is in the house today.  Welcome Leca!
Hello all!  It's me Leca from Leca Unplugged!  I've hijacked Cheri's blog today to tell you all about my table woes.
So I have this table and I wanted it to stay nice.  I ordered up a piece of glass for the top thinking it would save my life and my table. 
It didn't.
It turns out glass shows finger prints and crumbs super easily.
I really couldn't have that.

See how shiny?  Well, I decided to etch the glass to change the reflection and hide all my kids' nastiness.

This is Armour Etch glass etching cream.  You can pick it up at Hobby Lobby, Michael's and the such. 

 I wanted my table to have a cool pattern so I got a stencil and taped it in place.

Then I took a paintbrush and painted it on.  Once it was completely filled in, I went back over my pattern with my brush to make sure it was all even. That helped it etch more evenly.

I waited about 1-2 minutes and then wiped it all clean.

I kept going...

until I had this!  Wha-la!

She's beautiful-- isn't she?  Just like magic you have a brand new look.  Can you see the crumbs and finger prints?  I didn't think so.
The best tip I can give you, if you decide to try this for yourself, is start with a really really clean surface.  If you don't, it will end up looking uneven.  But don't be scared-- it's super easy.
Now that we have that settled, it's time for a little fun.  Head on over to Leca Unplugged for a quick laugh to brighten your day.
See you there!


  1. Welcome Leca, great guest post!!! I am in love! Where did you get the stencil? I want to do that to my back door. And that curtain pattern in the background I bought that fabric this summer to make an outdoor pillow with. I only bought a half of a yard and went back to get more for a shower curtain but nope they didn't have it. I love it and I bet it's great as curtains!

  2. I got the stencil at Hobby Lobby.

  3. Love it and it looks so easy! How is the etching holding up? Does it scratch easily especially on a surface that gets so much use?

  4. No scratching, no issues at all. I love it.

  5. Very nice!


  6. Oh I'm in love with stencils and I love frosted glass-hence I love your project! I had glass cut for side tables a few years ago and ran into the same pesky fingerprint problem. I frosted mine too but it's not even remotely as cool as yours.....I just might need new glass soon. :)

  7. Super cool. What a GREAT idea. I love etching stuff, but never would have thought to do it on a glass table top.

  8. Awesome idea! I love it! I have been wanting to etch something for a while, but what is always the question.

  9. Awesome! I have always hated glass tables. Now maybe I have a new love. I do have one question. Can you clean the etching? Like with 409 or just soap and water?

  10. Anonymous16.9.11

    Love that. I wonder if it would work on my scratched up plexiglass front door??? I think I found my weekend project!!

  11. I clean mine with anti-bacterial windex.

    Not sure if it would work on plexiglass. Good luck.

  12. I am loving this amazing project of yours!! May have to try this on a mirror!

  13. After you were done did you put a finishing clear coat or just cleaned it off?

  14. This is such an informative post. I have a side table and ready to do this!


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