Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls 2024

Your little princess is turning one and you’ve made it this far, so it’s now time to celebrate her 1st birthday and you being an amazing mum of course!

Girl wearing pink for her 1st birthday

This 1st birthday girl event and the more you put in the more you will get out. This old proverb and your beautiful little girl are 2 great reasons for you to celebrate in style.

There are loads of different 1st birthday party themes to consider and you have probably been to a few in your time yourself. I personally remember a friend’s little girls mermaid birthday party and there were themed decorations, cupcakes, and balloons to match. Everyone was stunned and all the effort she put in has lasted right up unto this day.

There are loads of 1st birthday ideas for baby girls and throughout this, you will find some of the best.

Considerations and planning

Make sure to plan out everything you will need and the planning is what makes this easy remember! Normally for a good party with 20-30 guests, I recommend giving yourself an 8-week window to get everything perfect.

8 weeks to Birthday  – Themes and locations are always an essential beginning. This involves research and sees if the theme is compatible. Then make a guest list of all the people coming and with these thoughts fluttering think about a length of time. Most parties are around 2-4 hours for babies and no-doubt your baby girl will want a sleep too.

7 weeks and counting – Send invitations to the party, reserve locations, and tables/chairs if needed. Sometimes hired entertainment makes the party stand-out and fun, especially with a fun kids clown. Researching the necessary foods, wear and cake options.

4 – 6 weeks –  Games make the party loads of fun and the more the better. Find good music and make sure to order the cake with a name on it, if doing so.

3 weeks and counting – Decorations, high chair ones and gift bags as a gesturing touch to finish. Make sure to create a menu that won’t go out of date quickly. This will decrease the stress on the day.

2 weeks and slightly panicking – party wear and the outfit must look amazing. Make a schedule and a plan for the day’s events, because moms like to plan ahead. Food labels are always a good idea and make sure you have props and table wear.

1 week until she is one – Make sure to get everything spotless and looking great. Plan the food prep and making. Call venues and make sure all reserved is on schedule.

Last minute madness – Ice, pick up all last-minute items, cakes, and drinks. Flowers are nice at a birthday party, so if not get yourself some. Arrange furniture, tables, chairs and have the venue ready.

1st Birthday Party – Inflate the balloons, curl the ribbons, arrange flowers and get the place ready. This includes the high chairs and decoration both on the ceilings and floor. Make sure the camera is out and loads of pictures of the cake are taken. Smash the cake and get a picture with a banner behind her. Lights on and off for the candle moment and don’t forget to sing happy birthday… hehe…

The day after – Sending a thank you note of appreciation after the birthday party makes them recall and remember the special day. This classic touch makes memories last and friendships too…

Planning and organizing this kinda event can be kind tricky and sometimes deciding on a particular theme or structure is the hardest part. Part of you might be saying Disney themed with Mickey-Mouse and another wanting it to be a Peppa-Pig. Whatever you do choose will be amazing, let’s get that straight first of all, however, let’s explore some of the weird and wonderful, glitter&glam and find one your heart screams out as PERFECT!!

I have put a list of some of the best 1st birthday themed party ideas to get things started and hopefully, something screams out at you:

  • Peppa pig party ideas
  • Marvelous mermaids party ideas for kids
  • Twinkle twinkle little star ideas
  • Under the sea thankyou mermaid birthday
  • Pink and gold first birthday
  • kitty cat 1st birthday theme
  • Unicorn party theme
  • Rainbow party colorful and bright
  • Perfect little princess and all in pink
  • Butterfly 1st birthday theme
  • Winnie the Pooh birthday theme
  • Disney lion-kings first birthday theme
  • Mad hatter tea party theme with all the weird and wonderful to go with it
  • Candy land ideas
  • Minnie mouse all red and fabulous
  • Winter wonderland ideas
  • A bohemian baby party for all to enjoy
  • Wild and wonderful elephant theme
  • Enchanted fairy themes for their imaginations to run wild

These are some amount to choose from out there and you might already have seen some listed that have your imagination buzzing with ideas. I have a few I personally love and hope you don’t mind me sharing…

Peppa Pig is a favorite among many and you have loads of beautiful ways to make your themed party amazing…

There are loads of ways to customize your party and make it extra-special for everyone to see just how much your little girl means to you. I have put together some that might spark some interest and get ideas flowing to you.

Peppa Pig customization birthday invitations 

This is a great way to go above and beyond most and this will make sure to set the tone and type of party this will be.

  • This allows you to fully customize and make it your own, so the little birthday girl can have all her friends come along.
  • This is highly glossy and stands out with rich vibrant color.
  • There are 20 invitations with 20 envelopes.
  • They will not print until your final approval, but once your happy with it just approve and they aim to delivery really quickly.
  • Super-easy to stay in touch – [email protected]

Once you have chosen a type of invitations it’s time for choosing the decorations and there are loads to choose from. Remember a lot of decoration always makes the day special and that’s why everything from Balloons to twirly-swirls highlighting the princesses 1st birthday is a must-have! Here are some ideas of possible decorations to brighten your space up and let everyone know it’s party-time.

Decoration kit with every type of balloon 

  • Making the magic happen needs party balloons and organizing any party without them seems sad to me.
  • Baby girls love balloons and this mix will make things bright and wonderful.
  • The pink, gold, white mix is a decorative collection and adds a dynamic element to brighten things up.


Fluffy decorations with danglers and 1st birthday themes in pink 

  • These fluffy decorations dangle from where you choose and make the room stunning and glamorous.
  • The fluffy feel and look is great for adding a sparkle to the day.
  • There is only 3 in this pack, but with a few additional you can make an average birthday space turn into an awesome event.

Once the invitations, decorations, and balloons are out the way the next thing to tick off the list is what kinda of a cake should you get. There has been a growing trend to get a mud pie birthday cake theme, one that they can really enjoy the way a baby wants. Messy it is and yes you’ll have some wiping up to do, but the photos will last forever. The smash cake idea means, if you’re going ahead with it, you’ll need an outfit and a cake to match, both are gonna get messy, but only one will get eaten hopefully..
Another thing to consider is the 1st birthday outfit and this is gonna be important for her special day. Pink is most popular and for a party, the more she glows with cuteness the better in my opinion, so go bright and beautiful.

Birthday tutu onesie skirt 

  • This is a soft cotton material and ideal for young girls aged 1 to 2 years old on their birthday.
  • The golden one with crown theme mixed with multi-colored skirt makes this adorable and a must-have dress for the day.
  • This would work no matter them and the princess will look perfect in this, especially with the headband.

Here are some ideas on what things to consider when choosing the right colors, decorations, and food when getting the party started. The unicorn themed party for a baby girl is another special one and the ones made to look like a magical unicorn will be a treat for everyone.

The rainbow theme is just stunning and the color is vibrant, which all young girls like. This is an easy choice of theme because of all the bright toys, foods and unlimited potential decorations.