September 04, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - hidden treasure, donuts, and donkey rides

Yesterday my husband was sitting on the couch and somehow he dropped his wedding band into the couch.  We took out the cushions and still couldn't find it.  Then we realized something interesting and gross.  Small items can slip into the cracks and they go into a super secret area by the springs.  We had to tip over the couch and cut slits to get the ring out and we found a lot of "buried treasures."  Lego Spiderman's body, some Kix cereal, and quite a few other items that have been missing for a long time.  Gross and awesome all at once. 

I've always said that when I get to heaven there are a few questions I'd like answered.  1) What was the deal with the dinosaurs?  2) Where did all those missing socks from the laundry really go?  Etc.

Well, I kind of felt like we'd solved a world mystery when we cut the couch open.  One less questions to ask in heaven.

I know I've said this before, but I love getting one on one time with Baden while Rex is at preschool.  We enjoyed donuts together the other day. 

Baden makes it so easy to enjoy the little moments.  Out of nowhere the other day he said, "I REALLY want to ride a donkey."  I said, "What?"  Then he said, "I'm serious!  No, I'm not serious.  I'm Baden." He's a pretty funny kid with a lot to say.

I am grateful for little, tiny, perfect moments that carry you through the not so perfect moments.

See you tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.


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