September 29, 2011

Viking Tee

Tuesday I showed you how to cut freezer paper with the Silhouette.  Today I'm going to show you the shirt I made with my stencil.  

Baden is at about the same age Rex was when he went through the mustache obsession.  I think Baden is going to be going through a Viking stage.  He wears this hat everywhere.  (I don't fight him on it because I think it's hilarious.)  So, when I made this little t-shirt for him he was seriously excited.

I ironed on my stencil and used my Tulip fabric paint (soft, matte finish).  

At first I blotted the paint on with a foam brush because I wanted it to look vintage.  (I ended up changing my mind later and filling it all in.)

Then I used "Beads in a Bottle" (also by Tulip) for the helmet details.  Remember?  I used them on THIS clutch as well.  It's a cool product.

Then I painted over it (just because I'm picky) and here it is.

I feel like I have ten different projects partially done or floating around in my head that I'm so excited to show you guys.  I bought some really odd supplies at Target yesterday to make Baden's viking Halloween costume.  I can't wait to show you what it'll be made from.  It's funny.

Anyhow, thanks for dropping in.  See you tomorrow.


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