October 11, 2011

Five Fall Tutorials

There are several projects I did last year during the fall and I thought it would be fun to repost some of them for those of you who weren't around then.  A couple were guest posts that were never published here.  So, here are a few fun projects for this time of year.

1) $5 Fall Wreath.  This one was easy and quick.  You can see the full tutorial HERE.

2) The Autumn Bloom Belt.  This one has been a popular post on the blog.  It's way easier than it looks and you can use the flowers on headbands or anything else as well.  The full tutorial is HERE.

You can also make the flowers more like this version.  This flower tutorial is found HERE.

3) Upcycled Brimmed Beanie.  This was a guest post from over a year ago, but I just published it in it's full form HERE.  Just like they say a girl can never have too many shoes, I think my boys can never have too many hats.  I love 'em.  These were both made from old sweaters.

4) Acorn projects.  I made this little acorn ball and sprayed it turquoise.  It was inspired by a wreath made by Dana and you can see that whole post HERE.

5) Super Simple Halloween Bags.  This tutorial is the simplest sewing project ever.  It's great for beginners.  It only takes two pieces of that felt that's twenty cents at the store.  You can see the full tutorial HERE along with our past Halloween costumes.

That's it.  Hopefully you've got some new ideas or projects for the season.  Thanks for dropping in.


The Miller Five said...

Cute belt! I also like those cute felt bags. I may have to sew some up to take Halloween treats to my neighbors.

kim west said...

did i ever tell you i saw a girl at mcdonalds with your bloom belt flower in her hair. I mean it was EXACT. and it was stinking cute in her hair!

Flourchild said...

My girls would love the belts! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

You have such great ideas I am simply stunned. Definitely I will see the tutorial and try to make such a belt for my daughter and me. :)

heather_dice37 said...

You are the featured blogger today on Today's Creative Blog! I alreay follow you but it was a nice reminder of just how awesomely talented you are. So glad TCB recognizes your greatness!! :)

Tiffany said...

Happy to see you on TCB today! I can't believe it hasn't come sooner! Still in LOVE with those hats. Sigh. I am going to have to make some for my boys...like today!


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