October 08, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - Katie Dudley Photography

I am seriously giddy about today's post.  I get to introduce you to an amazing photographer who just took our family portraits - Katie Dudley.  I can't say enough good about her.  Wow.  First off, she's an amazing photographer.  (Obviously.)  Secondly, she was SO good with our boys who - despite sweet pictures of them on this blog - can be quite a handful.  She totally knew how to work with the boys.  She's a mother herself and I felt like she "got" us.

Okay, want to see some of my favorites?  Here we go.  She let the kids jump around and play while she shot some candids.   I love these because they really capture what my kids are like.

She also got some great ones of us together, which is what I had wanted most.  I have so many pictures of my boys and my husband, but none of us together.

This picture is definitely going up somewhere.  My husband and Rex have a really special relationship and this picture says it all.  Daddy and mini-daddy as we call them.

When I first started talking to Katie she had mentioned doing some studio portraits.  Sometimes when you think of studios you think of those cheap department store studios where a young girl uses a gross, old feather duster to tickle your child while he screams.

Katie's studio is GORGEOUS.  I want to move in.  She has completely sold me on studio portraits.  Look at this picture of Baden.  It is so clear and the lighting is amazing and the dark background makes him really glow.  I'm a huge fan of the studio now.

 Katie suggested we bring some of the kids' favorite things.  Baden has the puppy Pillow Pet that he adores.  He named it Bo-bo-honky.  He carries it along with his blanket everywhere.  I love that I have a picture of him with it.  

We also do a lot of wrestling on the bed at home.  The boys just wear muscle shirts to bed, so these pictures are also totally us.

She also got great pictures of the boys individually.

This one's my favorite of that bunch.  I also wanted to steal the props.  SO cool.

"How old are you?"  I love that she captured this age where he still answers that question with his fingers and full concentration on his little face.

I'm sure you've heard me say how hard it is to get a nice smile from Baden.  She nailed it.

She even got a fun one of the two boys together.

I adore this photo of our family.  I love photos that seem natural and less posed.

Lastly, she snapped a few of me.  This was actually really nice.  I hadn't even thought of it until she suggested it.  The only pictures I have of myself are self-timer ones where I'm showing you a skirt or shirt I made.  Now I actually have pictures to use for bio stuff.  Yay!  Thanks for making me look so great Katie :)
Okay, so now you see how much Katie rocks.  She's also offered to give all of you readers a fun deal.  Here are the details:

 Those accordion albums are SO beautiful and I think they'd definitely make gift giving a lot easier.  What grandparent wouldn't love one?

To see more of Katie's amazing skills you can stop by her web site HERE.

Thank you SO much Katie.  You have given us beautiful memories to keep forever.

Thanks for stopping by.


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