October 02, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - getting around

We have one bike we keep inside the house which means the boys often fight over it.  However, lately they've found ways to make it work.  They make me laugh.  I love their ingenuity.

Method #1: Baden does most of the work, but Rex pushes with his feet for a power boost.  When he does they get moving fast enough to make me nervous.

Method #2: Baden stands on the back and Rex resembles a sled dog.  Maybe I should teach Baden to yell "Mush!  Mush!"

The boys got their first ride in grandpa's go-cart this week.  Can you tell they were excited?

It's hard to say which boy was the most excited (my dad included).  I kind of like how boys never really completely grow up :)

One more random thing I'm grateful for lately.....the new blogger interface.  Have you switched over yet? It's cleaner and nicer.  Once you get used to it you'll love it.  I haven't a single problem scheduling my posts since the change.  If you use blogger and you haven't clicked over to the new interface yet just DO it.  It'll be great.

That's all for today.  Do your kids have a funny way to get around the house?  How's your weekend going?


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