October 16, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - music, puzzles, and my husband

I've got to be honest.  This was a really tough week for me.  There were a lot things I had been looking forward to that kind of collapsed.  I was struggling to stay positive.  However, the other day I turned on some upbeat music.  Sometimes I forget how happy music can make me.  Music is so great at helping change my mood.  My little guys have some hilarious dance moves that can always make me smile.


I picked up this little puzzle for Rex the other day.  He's never really been into puzzles in the past, but suddenly he was enthralled with this one.  I think he's put it together like 50 times now and each time he's so proud of himself.  It makes me happy.

Lastly, I am so grateful for my husband.  He's really truly awesome.  I don't mention him much here, but without him I wouldn't really be able to even do this whole blog thing.  When I had a particularly hard day this week he came home early and let me head out for some alone time.  He continues to amaze me with his support and encouragement.  I am really lucky.

So, here's to a new fresh week.  I am always grateful for a new start.  See you tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by to visit.


  1. That song always cheers the mood at our place, too! I have cheeky percussionists at my place who make me giggle. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you :)

  2. I did the same thing this week. My husband has been gone for a few days on a golf trip with buddies. If was feeling so stressed with my 3 littles, so I put on a great cd I've found called Hidden in My Heart. It has scriptures sung in lullaby format. I love it more than the kids. Blessings!

  3. that is so sweet of your husband. Glad you guys take such good care of eachother! Here's to a better week!

  4. here's to a great week for you! music and a good hubby are healers in my house too.

  5. First off, I love that you admit that you're having a rough week. I love that you look for ways to make it fun (with upbeat music and letting your kids help you laugh), and I love that you give credit where credit is due (go hubby). Here's to next week! :)

  6. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs. It's true, music IS food for the soul; and a childs' laughter, and a husband who loves you for ALL that you are. Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

  7. Sorry about the rough week. I think we've all been there. I hope this week is much better. Oh and you are right, music has a way of changing moods pretty easily.

  8. Music is a salve for the weary soul, and dancin' is it's band-aid...

  9. I hope you are headed to a great week. Sometimes my mood just needs a little perk up and music really is great for that. As for hubby's, well I believe nothing beats a good one, if ya got one, keep him!!!

  10. What a blessing to have a wonderful husband who treasures you! I have that too and Thank god every day for such a wonderful Godly man!

  11. Aw. Sorry about the rough week. It's wonderful that your husband was able to come home and save you. I hope this next week is better!

  12. Love the little dance moves. Hehehe...
    Even though you're stressed or have a bad day, don't your kids make it a little brighter with the adorable things they do? Mine do. Even if it's just a little snuggle, a joke or crazy dance moves.
    Have an awesome and blessed week! :)

  13. How cute is Rex's hair in that pic, makes him look older. And three cheers for husbands who really do know how (and when) to step it up.

  14. Ughhh I had one of those weeks too! But I agree music always makes is better. Check out my new fav, get out of a funk song....

    Here's to a better day and hopefully better week! :)

  15. Hey Cheri,
    I've been off the radar for a wee while.
    I was wondering how you've been with your calling and life in general.

    I hope you are having a better week. We're thinking of ya!

    And YAY for supportive husbands!!


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