October 30, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - my Rex

See this little guy?  He seems little and innocent, but don't be fooled.  He's growing up fast.  Sometimes too fast.  Sometimes not fast enough.  He's calling me on my bluffs.  He's learning to work the system.  He's learning to push his mom to the limit.  I'm not sure when it all happened.  

I made him promise to stop growing a couple of years ago.  That didn't work.  I'll probably blink and he'll be heading off to college as I sob uncontrollably.  But for now he's mine and he's teaching me a lot.  

Unfortunately, sometimes I'm a slow learner.  There are somethings he can school me on.

He knows more random facts about superheroes than I do.

He knows that sometimes playing "go fish" is more important than blogging.

He knows that riding a bike is freeing and that fresh air is a need.

He knows that he is strong and capable of anything.

So thank you Rex.  Sometimes you make mommy laugh.  Sometimes you make mommy scream.  But you are making mommy into the person she needs to be.  Your snuggles, your tantrums, your questions, your giggles, your ideas, and your tears are all stretching my heart in ways I never knew it could be stretched.  And while I have so much more to learn, you love me fearlessly through it all.

Today I'm especially thankful for my Rex.


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